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Farrah Sharpe is such an incredible soul with a plethora of gifts and talents. Words can’t begin to express how amazing she has been (starting almost 5 years ago) at assisting in the development, healing, and transformation of my mind, body, soul, and spirit. She is a guide, teacher, mentor, friend, and wise sage who uses her own experiences, creative projects, ideas and modalities such as art, dance, meditation, yoga, and sacred medicines to heal those who dare to walk the path of enlightenment. She is a sincere and compassionate professional with a vision of changing the world to be a better place and you can see this in everything that she does and how she represents herself. A true lightworker indeed.

I love you babe, and I appreciate you leaving breadcrumbs...not giving me everything, but enough to find my own truths.



The Divine Femme is everything we are and aspire to be as it represents feminine power at its fullest. I've been wearing divine femme crystal jewelry for over a now and have not only seen but have felt the healing energies they provide. The designer, Farrah Sharpe, invests a great amount of time, love, energy and blessings upon her work which can be felt upon opening the specially crafted package. It is beautiful, expressive, healing art; designed to empower, protect and raise your vibration. The benefits of wearing "The Divine Femme" crystals can't be put into words. Each individual piece or item has its own special properties; making healing benefits unique in many different ways. I highly suggest you try them for yourself!!

Alicia Thompson 

IG @atspeakstoinspire

Farrah is a MASTER at what she does. There is no one I trust more to help assist me with my personal journey. Just being able to connect to her energy alone has transformed me in so many ways. The training and tools she’s given me over our work together have played a key role both in my growth as an individual and the growth of my business. 10/10 would recommend!

Amber Tiana

IG @millennialmissionmedia


Farrah, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience The Sacred Journey Within. Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and allowing me/us to partake in this life-changing voyage to self-discovery, forgiveness, peace, love, elation, soul work and remembering. I'm so grateful for the wonderful connections that were made which will bind all of us forever. I love you so much for being such an amazing person, healer, teacher, sister, friend. 

Melissa Turner

IG @mystic_mayhem75

Sessions with Farrah (I like to say Dr. Farrah) are growth experiences. No topic or expression is off limits as you are nurtured and encouraged in exploring your feelings, experiences, and perspective. I love goal setting in our sessions because I am also guided through unpacking trauma. This helps me gain clarity in uncovering the intent of my agenda. Along with being an awesome counselor, Farrah is a wonderful lifestyle mentor. I have thanked her countless times for being a positive source of support while making significant changes in pursuing healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Thank you again Dr. for being amazing. Each session makes an impact.


Burdest B. Williams

IG  @chillometry

What do I recommend about Farrah Sharpe? There's probably not enough room here to answer this. She has and continues to help me grow in so many ways! My self love skyrocketed since I became her client 2yrs ago! We've dealt with emotional and physical abuse, spiritual growth, self-esteem issues, financial growth, connecting with spirit guides, trust issues, my life purpose and I've connected deeper with my intuition. I HIGHLY recommend Farrah. She does her absolute best to always be there with such love, light, and encouragement. Very easy to talk to and connect with and shes overall such a loving delightful person. I have grown so much in these last 2yrs and I always look forward to our sessions.


Thank you so much, Farrah, for living your purpose here and if you haven't booked a session with Farrah you better get on it!

Chrystal Cruickshank 

When I met Farrah she helped me overcome a lot of different emotional things I had going on in my life. She taught me how to meditate, how to make time for myself and how to heal myself through self-love. She is passionate about her teachings and she’s amazing! She is such a breath of fresh air.

Laura Gomez  

Where do I begin? I have known Farrah for quite some time (about 8 years). Even from our first encounter, I knew she had a special gift to offer to this world. She has been along to help guide me from the moment I decided I was ready to start writing my own story. Farrah's approach is so refreshing. With most therapists, they want you to dig into all your trash just so they can tell you that it's trash. Well Duh!

Farrah Sharpe helps you to see all this supposed trash as keys to unlocking your potential and seeing the blocks that keep you from having any and everything you want.

I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Farrah. I guarantee you won't regret it!
P.S. Thank you, Farrah Sharpe, for sharing your divine gift with us!  

Quinntina Hill

Hi Farah, I was at the park with you tonight… The girl that asked for happiness…Well, you said you wanted to hear when we found it or felt it… I know this is small but when I walked into my house tonight, not only did I feel amazing but my children behaved so well and got themselves ready for bed without having to be asked.. And their question to me was… “Mommy, didn’t we make you happy?” I am not only happy, but I was also thrilled… I am so glad I went tonight… I also swear you were talking about me… I felt like it was all about me… lol I know we have never met before and tonight being the first time, but I have to say you are a wonderful person to be doing this for people… I am thankful that Nicole and Laura invited me!!! I needed this positive energy and look forward to the next time I can go… So once again… THANK YOU!

Tammy McKenna Dominguez

I received my first package from the Divine Femme and you could feel the energy from the packaging. I wear my piece every day. I love Farrah's Spirit, you know she is genuine and really has the gift. Her aura is so calming and refreshing. I have bought other crystals from other places and had to do a lot to get the feeling of them. I have to say this is my favorite place to shop! You will not be disappointed.


Tiffany Michelle

I am so addicted to Divine Femme Jewelry! I use stones and crystal that assist me to LEVEL UP physically and spiritually. So quality, properties and the vibration of the maker are of the utmost importance to me... My first purchase was this lovely Amethyst necklace last year. This piece is still in great condition being that I rock it almost daily! It is truly an eye catcher and was charged with lots of GREAT energy. I feel like a Queen when wearing it so I get tons of compliments all the time.... Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear" ~ Iris Apfel Can't wait to make my next purchase! Thank you, Farrah.

Alicia Biggins

Dear Farrah, I just wanted to drop you a note and share with you my experience with your meditation class. As you know being still is very difficult for me both physically and mentally. I often suffer from stress and anxiety. Because of your incredible spirit, teaching skills and the power of the universe – you have helped me be able to still my mind and body and feel the restoration, healing, and power of the divine intelligence.

Farrah has assisted me with mediation, yoga, quitting smoking and just overall growth and serenity. She is compassionate, intelligent and dynamic. I highly recommend her!

You are a talented leader, teacher, and human. I have been trying what you have taught me on my own every day – not perfect but certainly improving.


I am so grateful for you!!! Hugs  

Julie Russel 

Farrah has been an amazing life coach, my friend and confidante for over four years. She is professional, dynamic and has a natural charm that is endearing as well as motivating. It is mainly through my work with her that I have been able to take steps to improve my quality of life and mental well-being. As a friend, her advice is always heartfelt and sincere. As a life coach, she teaches her students to find balance in all things mental, physical and emotional.

When we first met, I had so many difficulties with goal setting, establishing boundaries and even managing my time wisely. Her group challenges and activities are always so much fun, I hardly think of them as work. But they are work and they do work.

One of my favorite activities initiated by Farrah has been creating vision boards. Before we met, I’d never even heard of vision boards but now I have several that I’ve incorporated into my life practice. Creating and visualizing has improved my ability to set goals and more importantly, to pull my dreams from memory into reality.I also love her group challenges.

I’ve learned to love detoxifying my body and mind while participating in activities like “The Smile and Move Challenge” and “The 30 Day Cleanse”.  The book I’m currently writing began as an idea initiated during her “30 Day Book Writing Challenge”. There are so many more life changing activities Farrah offers to us, detailing them here would take pages and pages. But I will say that they work and that my life has improved because I’ve accepted the challenges and adopted the practices.

With her help, I have been able to manifest so many wonderful things in my life and look forward to many more. She is so amazing with people, producing events that motivate and helping others to succeed in life. With her guidance and support, many more people can be helped.

My birthday relaxation treatment was amazing. Thank you, Farrah, for a taste of Mind-Body Healing. I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and in my flow. Meditation machines, poolside relaxation and a healthy dose of therapeutic introspection have been amazing tools for my healing. Thank you both for your hospitality, healing talks and beautiful eco-friendly atmosphere. I have renewed vigor and an energetically charged center.


 Thank you.  


Crystal Jaudon 

IG @artmamamoves

When I began working with Farrah I was feeling kinda melancholy I really didn’t know what to expect. Farrah was very professional, the environment was absolutely perfect. While I was there I felt at ease. As Farrah did her energy healing work I can honestly it was truly an amazing feeling afterward.I was just so happy on the inside. Thank you, Farrah, for helping me!

Kowana Alfred  

Farrah Has helped me through some of my toughest moments while on my spiritual journey. We have recognized and have done some crucial shadow work in order for me to get through my addiction ..she has taught me meditation as well as the practice of yoga and how both will help in quieting my mind as well as help me focus on my goals .. especially when having urges to use again. I am currently doing a lot of self-care and self-love. 

Thank you, Farrah ❤️

Tanesha Matthews

From day one I knew there was something deeper and more profound than what I had been taught and fed. I have over the years, asked and prayed for some clarity and tools to heal SELF and live out my purpose in this life! Recently I have been privileged to work with an amazingly beautiful woman that has opened my eyes even more…. Farrah Sharpe. Since we have worked together I have truly been enlightened. Self-healing is an amazing way to discover the worth that is already nestled within you and to FEEL it so that it shows up in your everyday life. Since working with Farrah, I have had some of the most enlightening experiences. I have opened up to allow all past hurts, wounds, and emotions to fade back into the illusion in which they came. I’ve discovered that I am truly open to love radiating and accepting. I’ve also purchased a beautiful plant that represents the love and nurturing that I am ready and willing to give and feel in my life, with the relationship of my dreams, with the man of my dreams. Recently marriage was revealed to me, and I am Over the Moon!!! I have been in a total state of Awe and EXTREMELY thankful for this experience…it just keeps getting better!!! I’ve learned to stay in the vortex so to speak and focus on what feels good (knowing this all along, but allowed myself to still fall back in past thoughts…in the past) and to know with all my heart that my desires are being heard and are within my reach as long as I stay aligned with God (Source of ALL) and FEEL GOOD! It has become crystal clear to me to always trust my Higher Self because that’s where TRUTH lives….I am so thankful for this beautiful experience and will continue to breathe and live. LOVE!!!

Goddess Tiki Doll

Farrah Sharpe has made the most profound impact on my life. I was at a place in my life where I was just going through the motions; as we so often do. Internally I was unhappy but had no idea what to do. Farrah gave me several books to read, showed me how to meditate, and perform the most AMAZING healings on me; such as theta, reiki, crystal alignment, and light and sound healing. Let’s just say my life has NEVER been the same; I now meditate daily and joined Farrah meditation group. I am a happier person internally, which now radiate in all areas of my life. The services performed by Farrah are healing and life-changing but do not take my word. TRY IT! I promise you will not be disappointed. Thank you.

Julia Scott  

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