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The Sacred Journey Within  

Alchemy of The Spirit 

Kambo, Hape, Sananga with Shamanic & Holistic Medicine Training in the Peruvian Rainforest + Ayahuasca Journey

Iquitos, Peru

I am heading to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforests in July to study Kambo, Hape, & Sananga with Dejan Gajic and the Matsés Tribe. I'm excited to study Sapo in its traditional setting with healers that have been administering medicine for years and have had the sacred knowledge passed down to them through generations. With the knowledge that I receive from my training in the jungle, I will offer these powerful medicines to the community and share the love, healing, and awakening that comes from soul working with Pachamama. If it is in your heart, you can support my journey here. $FarrahSharpe 

Love you Infinitely!

Thank you for your support over the years.

We journey together. - Farrah