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About me

Hello! My name is Farrah Sharpe. At heart, I'm a devoted mother, an adventurous world traveler, and a passionate artist. Traveling, dancing, especially Tantra, and ecstatic dance, painting, and music-making are some of my greatest joys.


My academic journey has led me to pursue a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, focusing on extrasensory perception, subconscious mind reprogramming, and transpersonal decolonization. With a Master's degree in Mind-Body Medicine, I'm skilled in guided meditation, creative visualization, hypnotherapy, and many other techniques for deep relaxation. I share these with my clients and offer my clients Tantra Yoga, Sabbaticals, and Shamanic Journeys worldwide. Over the past 15 years, I've been on a profound journey of personal, spiritual, and professional evolution. It's been both exhilarating and enlightening. As a multifaceted and interdisciplinary artist, every experience adds a unique flavor for me to savor on this beautiful life journey.


🌿 Adventure, Holistic Wellness & Shamanic Retreats 

From the heart of the US to exotic countries abroad, I have been privileged to host and participate in transformative retreats, goddess gatherings, and shamanic medicine retreats worldwide. I serve as a guide journeying with my tribe into the inner mystical realms as we journey within. I deeply resonate with Plant Teachers and Medicines such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and Animal Teachers Bufo Alvarius, Kambo, and the animals found in the jungles and forests of our world. Our sessions together are a potent mix of nature's most loving spirit guides, teachers, and communicators.

🌿 Who I Serve 

My heart finds joy in guiding spirited individuals undergoing spiritual, creative, and sensual awakenings. Together, we navigate towards profound fulfillment, creativity, happiness, life purpose, pleasure, joy, and soulful expression. Let's destress, immerse in the present, and weave remarkable magic into your life.

🌿 My Unique Approach & Influences 

 I have a playful, integrative, and transpersonal approach. My practices are enriched by the spiritual systems and medicinal wisdom of America, Africa, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and India. Legends like Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, and Stanley Krippner inspire my methodology. The Kemetic Yoga of Yirser Ra Hotep Lawrence to the insights of Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D. ABPP, John Haglin, Fred Alan Wolf, Deepak Chopra, and Joseph Campbell inspire me, too.


Each session with my clients blends current transpersonal psychology, mind-body medicine, extrasensory and neuroscience insights, ancestral wisdom, and intuitive downloads.

🌿 Artistry & Healing

 My passion and work with clients extend to diverse creative expressions – We paint, dance, write, make films, work with photography, music, and meditation composition, and tantra and ecstatic dance. 

🌿 Holistic Transpersonal Healing 

From world travel, tantric massage, and ecopsychology to crystal bowl sound healing, shaking, whirling, screaming, and sensual self expression, my sessions offer an extensive range of therapies. Each session can be a mix of tantra yoga, tantric massage, guided meditation, hypnotherapy, and more.


Experience transformative creative expression therapies, somatic embodiment, and unique mind-body medicine practices in each session. No session is ever the same. 

🌿 The Sacred Journey Within (SJW) Project   

This avant-garde project explores Transpersonal Psychology, Entheogens, and Mind-Body Medicine as tools for healing and evolution.


An innovative documentary, book, and spiritual retreat in its creative phase, SJW is close to my heart. We travel the world for DNA Upgrades and spiritual healing.

All are invited to connect, evolve, and explore the world with me. My commitment is to planetary evolution, infinite love, living my life purpose following my highest bliss. I cherish new connections, new friends, and new adventures. Feel free to drop a message. Let's resonate on higher frequencies and create new and beautiful simulations together.

Book your appointment today and follow #TheSacredJourneyWithin on IG and Facebook.

Namaste 🙏

"Farrah Sharpe, You’re one of my favorite beings on this planetyou don’t know me but you created guided meditations years ago that have transformed meI am grateful to your contribution to my personal evolutionI revisit your root chakra meditations regularly when I do my Yoni steamsI love your vibe and look forward to one day joining you on one of these amazing trips!"
"I have been a friend and client of Farrah's for about 15 years. She was enlightened before it was popular. Farrah has provided me with spiritual guidance, taught me how to manifest(LandRover ) with my vision board, balance my chakras and different techniques to manage my stress. She is the truth!"

MaiSha Bivins, Operations Manager

Sasha Starseed, Holistic Healer

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