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About me

Hi, I'm Farrah, your Guided Meditation Composer and the creator of The Sacred Journey Within, Documentary Series, Retreats, and Playbook (coming soon). I'm so happy you're here. It's my pleasure to help you tap into your beautiful and magnificent mind and body to discover the immense and infinite power that lives within you.

Here you'll find effective guided meditation programs to eliminate toxic stress, heal your body, clear your mind, grow your intuition, sleep deeply, and study better. You can investigate your creativity, adventure on a new soul journeys, communicate with spirit guides, visualize your dreams, design, and live a life you love.

I help Black leaders, healers, artists, and dreamers learn to deeply relax & rediscover happiness & freedom.

My guided meditation programs and albums use sound healing technology to inspire your journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and transformation.

I love working with consciousness explorers, people who need assistance on the journey, and those who want to evolve their consciousness and evolve the planet in their own unique way.

My meditations include Solfeggio Frequency Technology, Crystal Bowls, Binaural Beat Technology, Isocronic Beat Technology, and Nature Sounds, integrated with exercises found in Mind-Body Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology to target specific states of consciousness and help you reach deep meditative states swiftly and effortlessly.

"Farrah Sharpe, You’re one of my favorite beings on this planetyou don’t know me but you created guided meditations years ago that have transformed meI am grateful to your contribution to my personal evolutionI revisit your root chakra meditations regularly when I do my Yoni steamsI love your vibe and look forward to one day joining you on one of these amazing trips!"
"I have been a friend and client of Farrah's for about 15 years. She was enlightened before it was popular. Farrah has provided me with spiritual guidance, taught me how to manifest(LandRover ) with my vision board, balance my chakras and different techniques to manage my stress. She is the truth!"

MaiSha Bivins, Operations Manager

Sasha Starseed, Holistic Healer

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