Farrah Sharpe, M. S., RYT

Wild Divine Femme, Temple Priestess, Time Lord 

About Me


​Hi, I’m Farrah. 
I'm a Mind-Body Medicine Therapist, Artist, and Community Healer. 

I invite you on a magical journey of self-discovery, soul exploration, and spiritual awakening.

I offer 1:1 Mind-Body Medicine Sessions, Entheogenic Therapy & Integration, Shamanic Journeys,

and Bespoke Retreats in exotic locations around the world. 

I’ve been on a mission for the past 10 years to build the most powerful toolbox possible for personal evolution and healing,

and I’m here to share everything I know to help you live your happiest, fullest, most empowered, embodied life.  

When I'm not working with clients I create paintings, photos, films, sound healing art, crystal jewelry, and sculptures that

emerge from the now moment, shamanic journeying, and visionary transmissions I receive during meditation.

Welcome to the Awakening Tribe.

Aho. Ase'. ☥◑☾



    Farrah Sharpe is a Transformational Coach and Mind-Body Medicine Specialist currently living and working in Portland, Oregon. Farrah is currently a full-time Ph.D. student at Sofia University studying Transpersonal Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience. She's earned a master’s degree in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences and specializes in Consciousness, Spirituality & Integrative Medicine. Farrah’s passion for helping others on their paths of personal growth, self-evolution, enlightenment, and creative expression is fueled by her 20-year journey of self-discovery and awakening. As a scholar-practitioner and seeker, Farrah continues to travel the world, discovering leading-edge personal growth and enlightenment techniques, and paying homage to our Ancestors on her travels throughout our Great Mother Earth. Rooted in the teachings of Psychology, Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics, Metaphysics, and Mind-Body Medicine, Farrah now shares what she has learned and helps others on their paths.     

Philosophy of Service 
         Farrah’s philosophy is that people are infinite, whole, and complete, and everything we need to flourish and heal can be found within ourselves. Farrah believes that the core of humanity is love and oneness; where our outer differences may vary, we are all One and the same. She believes that by reconnecting ourselves to our inner world, each other, and the cosmos through self-development, personal and ancestral study, that people can come to know their true selves as pure Infinite Light Beings.

Farrah’s teaching style is fun, free-thinking, interactive, evocative, introspective, and informative. Farrah is a community guide for self-healing, personal growth, spiritual awakening, and entheogenic medicines in Melanin, Intersectional, and LGBT communities. She provides a safe and non-judgmental space for people to open, receive love, and heal their deepest wounds. Farrah’s life purpose is to evolve herself and encourage self-evolution in others. It is her inner knowing that if people live their lives with intention, love, and courage that our whole world will evolve and change for the good of all.    


Clientele Served

Farrah’s teaches integrative and metaphysical practices for treating stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.  She attracts free-thinking clients interested in self-healing, self-love, intuitive development, entheogens, and becoming healers themselves. 



Integrative Wellness Coaching with Clinical Hypnotherapy, Creative Visualization, and Guided Meditation 

     Farrah’s coaching sessions are offered in many ways and can be experienced in person, by phone, or by videoconferences. Farrah offers her clients an opportunity to peel back the layers of themselves on a mind, body, soul, and spiritual level; which will help them to map their life’s goals and chart a path from where they are now to where they want to be. Farrah helps people to make self-directed, lasting changes, that upgrade and align their life with their hearts. Farrah teaches self-care and creative techniques that help her clients discover their passion and live a life of purpose, happiness, and bliss. Farrah recognizes that all of her clients are unique, whole, and gifted with something to share with the world. She helps her clients to become confident in their true self and live an authentic life through mind-body practices. She assists people in a variety of creative ways; helping them to create a passionate business, write their memoir’s, and heal from old heartbreaks. Farrah helps her clients to discover what they need to move forward while taking action towards their goals and dreams.

The Sharpe Institute Mind-Body Medicine Academy &

Entheogenic Research Institute

  Farrah is the founder of The Sharpe Institute Mind-Body Medicine Academy & Entheogenic Research Institute. Farrah weaves integrative, evidence-based mind-body practices with classical Tantra Yoga instruction to create an interactive, integrative, and fun way to learn mind-body skills, self-care, resilience, and self-regulation.  

Farrah’s Mind-Body Medicine Toolkit includes an assortment of activities that clients can request.

Guided Meditation

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Guided Imagery


Tantra Yoga

Reiki Healing

Sound Healing

Crystal Healing

Self-Exploration through Drawing, Writing, Filmmaker, Photography

Self-Exploration through Movement and Chakra Dance

Breathing, Groud Exercises


Self-Care, Self-Love  

Mindful Nutrition 


Personal Development Courses

Farrah offers courses, retreats, ceremonies, and 1:1 coaching helping people around the world to discover inner peace, happiness, oneness, and infinite love.


The Sacred Journey Within

Mind-Body Medicine for Beginners

Chakra Healing for Happiness & Abundance

Tantra Yoga for Kundalini Awakening

21 Day Guided Meditation Experience

Corporate Creative Relaxation and Resilience 

Chakra Dancing for Embodiment

Mindful Art Expression Workshops

Mindful Hikes & Phototography Therapy 

Vision-board Parties

Goddess Parties

Chakra Painting

Mandala Making

Self-Expression Paintings 

Intuitive Art-making

Yoni Painting

Classes & workshops are offered online & in person.

About The Divine Femme Boutique
The Divine Femme Boutique was created to honor the reemergence of The Divine Feminine Energy in our world.

Here you'll find high vibrating handmade and curated crystal jewelry, art, magical tools, intentional lifestyle items, textiles, herbs, teas, and spices from around the world.  


Farrah will create a custom magical Crystal Amulet or Talisman for you. 



Resume & Portfolio 


Transpersonal Psychology

Doctoral Student at Sofia University of Transpersonal Psychology. Ph. D. in Transpersonal Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience. 2019- Current  

Mind-Body Medicine

Master of Science Mind-Body Medicine Saybrook University of Integrative Health Sciences with a Specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality and Integrative Medicine Saybrook Psychology Department 2015- 2017

Tantra Yoga

Traditional Tantra Yoga Instructor (RYT 200) Shri Kali Ashram, Goa, India 2014

Maharishi University of Management: David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts (non-degree seeking) Residential Filmmaking Classes 
Courses, Lectures, Training, and Conversations with luminaries: August - December 2013
David Lynch -   Award-Winning Writer | Director | Producer
Stuart Tanner -  BBC Director | Producer | Documentary Film Maker
Gurdy Lette: Graphics software engineer | Web Designer | Computer Animator | Writer
Jim Carey:  Actor | Writer | Producer
John Raatz:  The Visioneering Group
Joanna Plafsky: Producer | Production Manager
Leigh Badgley: Producer | Production Manager | Documentary Filmmaker
Bill Weaver:  Documentary Filmmaker | Social Justice Activist  
Anthony Meindl: Acting Coach | Producer | Director | Writer


Bachelor of Science in Psychology -  University of Phoenix Palm Beach Gardens Campus 2009 - 2013

Energy Medicine
ThetaHealing Advanced DNA Level I & Level II  - Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2012
Reiki Healing Level 1 and Level 2 Attunements - Miami Florida 2011

Transcendental Meditation Technique - Maharishi Foundation - Boca Raton, Florida 2009

Tantra Yoga Instructor RYT200 Trained in Goa, India

Crystal Healing
Chakra Balancing
Tarot Reading
Trained in NeuroProgramer 3 Meditation Training


The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale 2007

Fashion Design

Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale 2006

Artist Statement

My name is Farrah Sharpe. I am an Interdisciplinary Artist and Mind-Body Medicine Specialist working in Portland, Oregon. I create paintings, photos, films, sound art, crystal jewelry, and sculptures that emerge from the now moment, shamanic journeying, and visionary transmissions I receive during meditation. By unifying the division between the realms of invisible energy and the realms of human experience, I invite the observer to merge several outwardly contradictory forms into new universes through artmaking.  My work incorporates the study and practice of psychology, mind-body medicine, consciousness, spirituality, integrative medicine, cosmology, quantum physics, and metaphysics. I explore ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures through the lens of an artist and healer. My current work erases the binaries and barriers we continually reconstruct between Self and Other. 

Paint and Photography
My work is inspired by my phenomenological experiences of the spiritual journey and daily mind-body medicine practice. My paintings are metaphors for the visions I have witnessed during sacred traveling in the nonphysical realms. By applying abstraction, my paintings do not reference recognizable scenes, bodies, or forms. The art seeks to give language to ineffable experiences and the information that illuminates during nonlocal expanded states of consciousness. I include fractals, symbols, shapes, and flow in my compilations, which serve as a living diary encoding information and downloads into the work. My art incorporates layers of meaning and demonstrates the universal essence and energy of the spiritual and ethereal worlds hidden from everyday human consciousness. 

Sound and Performance
My current series of work shifts conversational narratives and our interpretations of communication and interaction between people and objects. Using sound and performance, I incorporate the frequencies of plants using biofeedback technology, quartz crystal bowls, and found instruments collected from indigenous cultures around the world. With this work, I am creating an interactive sound healing experience for deep introspection, healing, and everyday wellness. 

Studying crystals and precious stones and their influence on the human mind and body inspired me to use this powerful medium to create functional wall art and sculptural pieces that serve as furniture to be used as space healers and meditation pieces. I focus on the idea of intentional personal and public spaces where people can meditate, relax, and enjoy the present moment. Intentional spaces create opportunities for expansion shifting the viewer from a static reality to a reality where everything is alive and anything is possible. The art reminds the experiencer of our intimate connection and of the subtle energy we share with all things. My crystal art is used to create experiential universes for the experience of bliss, meditation, play, pleasure, and intuitive remembering. 

The Sacred Journey Within is an avant-garde documentary film that uses social media as a tool to follow the healing journeys of 9 women who long for personal growth, spiritual healing, cultural reconnection, and life purpose. The SJW was created to share both new and ancient integrative healing techniques for those seeking to awaken to the mystery of life and break free from the cycle of multigenerational trauma, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, depression, and anxiety in their lives and in the collective consciousness of Earth. The group travels and participates in Mind-Body Medicine practices and Shamanic Medicine Ceremonies in mystical sites across the world while documenting their personal journeys diary style. The conversations and interactions are not scripted. The film seeks to educate and eliminate fears surrounding ancestral wisdom, personal healing, and mental health while cultivating creative opportunities for enlightenment, planetary awakening, and the highest personal expressions of love.