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I work with Wellestate to bring you the highest level of luxury sustainable living.

With over 20 years of experience, WellEstate Brokers are pioneers in wellness real estate in Riviera Maya, Mexico. We believe that the right property can transform and improve the lifestyle of families looking for health, freedom, and wellness.

WellEstate is the evolution of holistic living featuring dwellings that nurture your mind, body, soul, spirit, and creativity. 

Specializing in Homes and Condos that offer yoga spaces, spas, massage, personal pools, trails, beach access, gym, co-working spaces for digital nomads, podcast recording, photo, video shoots, and so many other creative and mind-body necessities at home.All of WellEstates intentional properties and projects are exquisite and a direct path of simple luxury for those who want to live holistically and experience more freedom and abundance in their lives

WellEstates properties are located in specifically in the gorgeous paradise of Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Quintana Roo.



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Sustainable Luxury in the Jungles of Tulum


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Kuyabeh is one of my favorite projects in Tulum, Mexico and I’m extremely excited to share this @wellestate_prop property with you.

Kuyabeh is a Jungle Paradise, 100% Sustainable and 100% Off Grid. 

The 4 Elements home invites the energy and magic of air, water, fire and earth into every part of your home and life. 

The pool in the center of the home invites flow of water and synergizes the circulation of love, abundance and health in the dwelling. Inner peace is cultivated daily through yoga on the deck, meditation in nature, and plenty of creative space to make art, dance, and create delicious meals. 

#Kuyabeh Natural. Exquisite. Tulum.

Bonus  A beautiful Shaman lives on the land, hosts medicine journeys, and cares for the community.

Off Grid Land Includes Lush Jungle Hectares /Acres of all sizes. 30 minutes from the Beach.  

Natural Cenote • Jungle Gym • Laguna • Oudoor theater • Organic gardens • Glamping y más... 

Perfect for evolving humans looking for an off-grid elevated experience of life.

Tulum Kuyabeh.


To Purchase this property and more: Visit WellEstate Mexico.com + Connect with me to get started.

Farrah Sharpe is a USA Jr Broker for WellEstates Mexico & CEO of AscendEstates