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Hello Love.

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Transcend Transpersonal Psychology



Hi, I'm Farrah Sharpe, M.S., RYT, 

I offer 1:1 Transpersonal Psychology sessions and courses, Mind-Body Medicine training, Tantra Yoga, walking massage, and a plethora of somatic healing methods for embodiment, creative expression, spiritual transcendence, personal evolution, soul growth, clarity, healing, psychic experiencing, and alignment with lived experiences of love.

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Heal yourself and you naturally 
heal the world!

Focused guidance & retreats for individuals, groups, and corporations.


The Divine Femme Farrah Sharpe - Convos

World & Community Service

I serve as a psychologist, companion, and guide to thousands of people on the transpersonal, metaphysical, and spiritual path. 


I assist with personal practice and rituals, conscious business alignment, shamanic retreat planning, journeys, preparation, and integration with plant medicines, entheogens, and psychedelics for deep learning, healing, personal growth & spiritual evolution.


I offer microdosing sessions and an my own brand of medicines for those seeking daily ascension and transformation.


I apply a healer healing healers approach.

Many of my clients are healers who need to work with someone they can trust to process and integrate their personal healing journeys. They also want to learn new leading-edge tools to add to their coaching offerings and share with their clients. 

Our sessions include:

  • Transpersonal Psychotechnology Training,

  • Goddess Circle Training: Opening, Clearing, Healing, Rituals, and Closing.

  • Intentional Application of these tools in your own life. 

  • Intentional Sharing: Lessons to help you share these tools with your communities in intentional ways to create global change.

During our sessions you can expect to learn and activate transformation through: 

Transpersonal Psyhotechnologies, Mind-Body Medicine, World Travel, Goddess Parties & Retreats, Chakra Healing, Esctatic Dance, Divine Feminine Studies, Gut Health Programs, Psychic development coaching, life passion, path work, and purpose coaching, relationship coaching, shadow work and integration, intentional fun, authentic sisterhood, sisterhood wound healing, Monthly Goddess Circles, and metaphysical development courses.

I work with all people, all age groups and I travel to every corner of the world.