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Interactive Mystical quest & Documentary Film

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The Sacred Journey Within is a mystical and spiritual quest that follows Farrah Sharpe's journey as she travels the world, reconnecting with the Ancestors, ancient wisdom, shamanic healing, sacred medicines, and powerful energetic lands for spiritual awakening and attunement. Farrah is a Mind-Body Medicine Specialist, Tantra Yoga Instructor, and Doctoral Student studying Transpersonal Psychology with a concentration in consciousness and creativity. As a researcher, she journeys with clients around the world, exploring human potential, shamanic healing, and spiritual growth. 

In an artful filmic dance of poetry, alchemy, psychology, and shamanic wisdom, Farrah's ideas are woven together as a tapestry of ancient truth rediscovered for a modern time. The documentary film shares Farrah's phenomenological experience of becoming a Transpersonal Psychologist along with interviews from Shamans, Psychologists, Cultural Guides, Healers, and Clients. Throughout the film, Farrah travels to the 7 Chakras of the world for self-exploration, healing, and attunement. At each location, she opens portals to engage the energy, releasing herself and the world from personal, collective, ancestral, and multigenerational traumas. The storyboard includes original creative expression pieces from leading-edge artists, poets, singers, dancers, photographers, filmmakers, sound healing artists, and more.  

The Sacred Journey Within creates opportunities for seekers to experience the power of soul healing and spiritual awakening. Together they heal, evolve, discover their purpose, and live their creative passions.


With this work, Farrah inspires and invites a new generation of seekers to reach their full potential, upgrade their body-mind systems, and evolve into the highest version of themselves.





Do you feel the call to adventure?
Do you want to see and explore the world? 

This Sacred Journey Within ignites the spark of adventure and remembrance in your heart as you rise into your divinity and celebrate yourself as the Creator that you are.

We Shamanic Journey with Shamans around the world and to the 7 Chakras of the world for spiritual initiation and the awakening of each Chakra. 

We remember ourselves as conscious loving explorers and caretakers of Gaia and in turn, she unlocks ancient wisdom, archaeological treasures, and energetic vortexes as we explore her. 


Root Chakra Awakening: Mount Shasta, California - Initiation and Reconnection - TBA
Sacral Chakra Awakening: Tulum, Mexico - Awakening Passion, and Creativity - February 2023
Solar Plexus Chakra Awakening: Australia - I am Powerful Life Purpose Retreat - TBA
3rd Eye Chakra Awakening: Glastonbury, England - Awaken Your Magical Abilities - TBA
Heart Chakra Awakening: Maui, Hawaii - Awakening to Love - TBA
Throat Chakra Awakening: Cairo, Egypt - Alchemy of the Spirit Goddess Retreat - June 2023
Crown Chakra Awakening: Mount Kailash, Tibet -  I Am - TBA

On retreat, we are fully immersed in a fun soul exploration, remembering our ancient Ancestors through travel,

meditation, ritual, honoring, exploration, and nurturing of our innate and divine gifts.

The Sacred Journey Within offers real-life solutions to our world's most pressing issues empowering the viewer with physical tools they can use right away to heal themselves from trauma, reclaim self-love, live their purpose, and become a guide in their communities for the healing of our world. 


 Past Sacred Journey Within Retreats

Ayahuasca | Miami Florida 2011-2012

Psilocybin Mushroom + Transcendental Meditation | Fairfield, Iowa 2013

Tantra Yoga | Goa, India 2014

Bufo Alvarius | Vancouver, Canada 2015

Masters in Mind-Body Medicine | Saybrook University, 2015 - 2017

Bufo Alvarius | Tulum, Mexico 2016

Ayahuasca | Cuzco, Peru 2017

Kambo | Dallas, Texas 2018

Bufo Alvarius | South Florida  2019