Are you ready to remember who you are?  

Interactive Mystical quest & Documentary Film


The Sacred Journey Within is a mystical and spiritual quest that brings together a tribe of free thinkers seeking to awaken from the pain and illusion of everyday life on 3D Earth. The quest follows the story of Farrah Sharpe, a quirky Artist and Ph.D. student from South Florida, currently researching her thesis on Spiritual Awakening, Life Purpose, Sustainable Bliss and Entheogens. 

Farrah is a Mind-Body Medicine Specialist, Transpersonal Coach, and entheogenic researcher, who journeys with clients around the world in shamanic ceremonies to help clear emotional trauma and existential crises that have occurred throughout their lives. Before becoming a therapist, Farrah was a solo soul traveler for over 20 years and felt deep pain and shame leaving religion behind and awakening alone. 

In 2011 Farrah was initiated and participated in shamanic journeys for healing, personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual evolution. Recognizing a need for conversation, community, and deep healing in Melanin communities, Farrah created meditation and personal wellness groups and began sharing what she discovered with others.


In 2015 while journeying in Vancouver, British Columbia Farrah crossed over and awakened to an illuminated, fractal, holographic reality of Oneness and Love. She was given entry into the ancient mystery of the spirit and discovered infinite bliss. Less than 24 hours after her return Farrah experienced a second awakening, this time a Kundalini awakening and she shared this energy through the palms of her hands with others. Over the coming weeks, she would also come to understand humanity's greatest pain, the cover-up of the darkest secret, and why this too is good.


She now creates opportunities for seekers to experience the power of soul healing and spiritual awakening. She invites her clients on a magical quest called The Sacred Journey Within to creatively work with their traumas, blocks, and pain over time. Together they open a portal, releasing them from personal, collective, ancestral, and multigenerational traumas. 


Farrah creates retreats and curates experiences that integrate Mind-Body Medicine, Art-Making, and Entheogenic medicines such as Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvurius, Psilocybin, and Cannabis as powerful tools to assist in personal healing and planetary evolution. Farrah includes the work of Psychologists, Shamans, cultural guides, scientists, healers, and thought leaders she admires from around the world and introduces them to the Tribe for self-exploration and deep healing.

Farrah's work attracts a diverse group of Free Thinkers who no longer want to live out of alignment with who they really are. They no longer wish to work a job they hate or uphold abusive relationships. They are ready to heal the negative psychic energy hovering over their life and unblock the flow of abundance that is their birthright. They are ready to heal PTSD, childhood traumas, depression, anxiety,  and the everyday pain of being human. They can no longer suffer in silence, passively watching big corporations destroy the Earth, and poison the food, the water, and the land.  

​Farrah feels that as we heal ourselves, love vibrates out and heals the world. She films her experiences and her work with clients documentary style to share and normalize this work creating a beacon of light for souls to find us. Farrah journeys alongside her Tribe sharing her personal experience along with breakthroughs in science, neuroplasticity, consciousness, and social soul activism, helping others to explore and free themselves from pathologies created by Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and the colonization of the human mind.

In an artful filmic dance of poetry, alchemy, quantum physics, and shamanic wisdom, her ideas are woven together as a tapestry of ancient truth rediscovered for a modern time. Farrah inspires and invites a new generation of seekers to heal themselves, to challenge themselves, to change the system, and to evolve beyond the fear of anything that blocks you from knowing the truth of who you really are. 

The Sacred Journey Within offers real-life solutions to our world's most pressing issues empowering the viewer with physical tools they can use right away to heal themselves from trauma, reclaim self-love, live their purpose, and become a guide in their communities for the healing our world. 

​We are the second wave in the mass awakening of global consciousness.


Aho. Ase'.

The Sacred Journey Within Project includes

Documentary Film - Now Filming
1:1 Integration Sessions with Farrah 
Retreat: The Sacred Journey Within - Egypt, Peru, Maui, Himalayas 
Online Course - June 2020
A guidebook published by Hay House Balboa Press (Coming Soon) 2020
Oracle Cards 2021
Youtube Series 2021
Podcast March 2020

The Sacred Journey Within


The Sacred Journey Within Retreats 2015-2025


We are Planetary Grid Workers and we are following the energy of the ley lines and visiting all of Mother Earths Chakras. Our journey is in progress.


Crown Chakra (1/2 Complete)

The Sacred Journey began in India and will end in Tibet.



Goa and Arambol, India (Complete)

 Mt. Kailas (Himalayan Mountains) Tibet TBA

Third Eye Chakra

Heart Chakra~ Maui, Hawaii (TBA)


Throat Chakra (Up Next)

North Africa, Egypt

The Great Pyramid - Date Scheduled - September 15 - September 27, 2020 Equinox

Heart Chakra
Stonehenge, England  - TBA

Solar Plexus Chakra 
Uluru- Kata Tijuta, Northern Territory, Australia - TBA


Sacral Chakra - South America  (Complete)


We traveled to Tulum, Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula to meet a Beautiful Sister Shaman named Kali Ma. We journeyed with the sacred medicine Bufo Alvarius.

We explored the El Castillo Pyramid, the Temple Of The Wind, and the Tulum Ruins.


We then traveled to Cuzco, Peru and spent 11 days in The Sacred Valley of The Inca. 

We visited Shamanic Vida and spent time with Shamans Pacco and Chrissy and drank the sacred vine Ayahuasca.

We explored Macchu Picchu, the Temple of the Sun, and Ollantaytambo

Root Chakra 

Mount Shasta, California  - TBA

 Past Sacred Journey Within Retreats

Ayahuasca | Miami Florida 2011-2012

Psilocybin Mushroom | Fairfield, Iowa 2013

Bufo Alvarius | Vancouver, Canada 2015

Bufo Alvarius | Tulum, Mexico 2016

Ayahuasca | Cuzco, Peru 2017

Kambo | Dallas, Texas 2018

Bufo Alvarius | South Florida  2019 ​