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1:1 Transpersonal Psychology Session

When you need clarity, a reading, to process heavy emotions.

  • 2 hr
  • 333 US dollars
  • Orlando, FL

Service Description

Are you seeking a profound transformation and deeper connection with your true self? I specialize in guiding you through an enriching spiritual journey that evolves you mind, body, soul & spirit. My Services Include: - **Sabbatical Planning**: Personalized guidance for a meaningful and restorative sabbatical experience. - **Spiritual Journeys**: Transformative experiences with Ayahuasca and other sacred medicines. - **Precare & Aftercare**: Comprehensive support before and after your spiritual journeys to ensure safe and effective integration. - **Cleansing & Kambo**: Detoxify your body and spirit with powerful cleansing rituals. - **Meditation & Tantra Yoga Retreats**: Deepen your practice and connect with your higher self through guided meditation and Tantra yoga. - **Tantra Yoga Massage**: Experience the healing power of touch and play with our specialized Tantra yoga sensory massage sessions. - **Creative Expression Workshops**: Unlock your creativity and express your true self through art, writing, and movement. - **World Travel**: Join us on soul-enriching journeys to sacred sites and beautiful destinations around the globe. - **Passive Wealth Strategies**: Learn how to create financial abundance while living a life of passion and purpose. Transpersonal Psychology sessions offer a plethora of somatic healing methods for embodiment, creative expression, spiritual transcendence, personal evolution, soul growth, clarity, healing, psychic experiencing, alignment with lived experiences of love and sexual expression. It’s time to enter your cosmic era. Discover the Benefits: - **Deep Healing**: Address and overcome past traumas and emotional blockages. - **Spiritual Growth**: Connect with your higher self and awaken your true potential. - **Enhanced Well-Being**: Rewire your mind for peace, purpose, and happiness. - **Life Purpose**: Uncover your passions and live your life's big dreams. - **Mind-Body Connection**: Integrate holistic practices for a balanced and healthy life. Connect with me to confidentially heal, process and evolve. I got you! We can meet over tea, coffee, at dinner or on zoom. Our work together is fun and freeing and one conversation will change your life.,

Cancellation Policy

Hi, Thank you for choosing to schedule a private session with me. I am excited to work with you and help you achieve your goals. As a professional, I strive to provide the highest level of service to all my clients. To ensure that I can continue to provide the best possible service to all of my clients, I have a 72-hour cancellation policy for private sessions. This means that if you need to cancel or reschedule your session, you must notify me at least 72 hours in advance. If you cancel or reschedule less than 72 hours before your scheduled session, you will be charged the full session fee. I understand that emergencies and unexpected events can arise, and I am willing to work with you to reschedule your session in such cases. However, I ask that you please give me as much notice as possible so that I can adjust my schedule accordingly. Please note that this policy applies to all private sessions, including in-person, phone, and online sessions. By scheduling a private session with me, you agree to abide by this cancellation policy. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Best regards, Farrah

Contact Details

  • Orlando, FL, USA

    ‪(305) 814-9993‬

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