The Sacred Journey Within South Florida
The Sacred Journey Within South Florida
The Sacred Journey Within South Florida
The Sacred Journey Within South Florida
The Sacred Journey Within South Florida
The Sacred Journey Within South Florida
The Sacred Journey Within South Florida
The Sacred Journey Within South Florida
The Sacred Journey Within South Florida

The Sacred Journey Within South Florida

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Healing. Community. Growth. Awakening. 

The Sacred Journey Within Experience

West Palm Beach, Florida

December 8, 2019

Open your heart.




We will be journeying with Sacred Medicine.

As a Mind-Body Medicine Specialist, I've traveled the world seeking the medicines our Ancestors spoke of. In my 10 year journey of evolutionary travels, this was the hardest medicine to find. I found him in 2014 while studying Tantra Yoga in Goa, India. He was hanging out with a wild and free Medicine Woman named Kali Ma. In 2015, I traveled to the beautiful Ixtlan Temple in Vancouver, Canada to meet her. It was there that I transcended into The Supreme Reality. My Kundalini Awakened and I was forever changed.

I spent a year in silence away from society integrating my experiences and studying Mind-Body Medicine at a Master's Level. In 2016, I traveled to meet her again in Tulum, Mexico. This time I journeyed into the Angelic Realms and was reminded of my Light Language along with many other helpful tools for navigating Earth. I am forever grateful.

I have brought you many gifts; Tantra Yoga, Meditation in its many forms, Mind-Body Medicine, Guided Meditations, Creative Expression, Art Making, Crystals, Jewelry, Chakra Healing, Psychic Development, Ayahuasca, Magic Mushrooms, sacred medicine retreats, taboo conversations, my own experience, and... Now I bring you Ancient medicine.

The Medicine will allow you to heal and transcend the barriers of your mind so that you can remember who you are, free yourself, heal your trauma, pain, anxiety, or addictions, and any energy blocks you may be experiencing. If you are already happy and healed going into the experience, you have an opportunity to transcend and know the Limitless Expression of ALL. I speak from personal experience. I have so much gratitude for the gifts, technology, plants, and animals that Mother Earth shares with us.

The Keys are here. Everything we need is already here.

We just have to remember and utilize them.

I am happy to share The Medicine & Keely Spell with you. 

The Ceremony

Shaman Keely Spell is a beautiful Soul and loving administer of the medicine. She will hold space as we travel on this special day. Our ceremony takes place at a private location that will be sent to you by email. As usual, I will be journeying with you as a participant on our journey. We go together.

Keely has personally journeyed in over one hundred ceremonies and she combines her coaching/healing practice with many lifetimes as a medicine woman/shaman in ceremony and hosting healing retreats. Her mission is to be in service to humanity and help others see the Divinity that they already are. You can find Keely @keelyspell 

Ceremony Includes

  1. 30-minute Pre-Care Session 
  2. 1 Shamanic Medicine Ceremony | Morning Ceremony 
  3. 30-minute After-Care Session
After you have secured your space please fill out the questionnaire here: 
The Love Evolution Journey Questionnaire  
After I receive the form I will connect with you and we will begin.  
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No Refunds within 30 days of Ceremony 



The only requirement is your commitment to a Pre-Care and After-Care Mind-Body Medicine self-care and self-love practice to prepare you for the journey and to integrate your process after the journey.

Bufo Alvarius is a powerful integrative healing medicine that requires soul work long after the ceremony is completed. Soul Work = Mind-Body Medicine therapies: Introspection, relaxation, grounding, journaling, safe-space talking, dancing, yoga, shadow work, art-making, and meditation are helpful as you grow, ascend and express the many messages that you'll receive in your journey. 

Since shadow issues, childhood trauma, and other forms of pain arise for release and healing with this work, 1 Pre-Care Session and 1 After-Care Session are included. You will be responsible for setting up both appointments with me. This is to help you develop a long term personal growth practice that supports your spiritual growth. This is a requirement for all who journey with me. 

Documentary Film

Join the Love Evolution Movement. 

Would you like to participate in The Sacred Journey Within

Documentary Film?  

We're sharing our journey of survival, healing, and personal growth with the world.

By sharing our stories of tragedy and triumph along with our experiences of Mind-Body Medicine, Shamanic Healing, and The Awakening of Consciousness we open the door to others who are ready to heal, transform, be happy, free, live their purpose, and help to redesign a loving sustainable life here on Earth that supports us all. 

We are the Bridge. 

We evolve the Earth by evolving ourselves. Please join us and share your healing journey with the world.

We are the change we are seeking. - AHO