Clear quartz is the "supreme gift of Mother Earth." And enhances your connection with her.

The Universal Power Amulet amplifies your psychic abilities and improves connections between the spiritual and physical world by amplifying communication with all 6 senses and The Universal Power (which is you, inside and out!


Quartz crystal is a master healer teacher and will vibrate you higher in body, mind, soul, and spirit. It’s energy is highly prized for its meditative qualities and ability to clear the mind of negativity while enhancing higher consciousness.


The Universal Power Amulet has intrinsic power to give protection to its wearer by absorbing negative energies and charging your aura to bounce negative energy off your auric field. With continued use, you can vibrate higher and create 3 feet of sacred space around you at all times. magnifies and amplifies healing vibrations when worn with other crystals.


People have been wearing amulets for thousands of years and are still wearing them today. Millions of people throughout the world happily wear their crucifix, St. Christopher or Star of David - all of these are types of Amulets worn for magical protection.


The Quartz Crystal Amulet has been used for thousands of years by African tribes, Aztecs, Egyptians, Native American Indians, Hindus, Romans, Druids, and many other cultures around the world for it’s healing power.


Clear quartz stones are used in meditation for enhanced spiritual development and to clear away negative energies from the body and mind.


Instructions on cleansing and charging your crystal are included.

Mood Balancer Amulet

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  • Quartz Crystal on a choice of Gold-Filled, 10K gold Chain or Copper Chain.