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The Supernova Talisman holds magical properties that provide good luck for the possessor and offer protection from evil or harm.  The Supernova Talisman is made of Brazilian Quartz Crystal & ethically sourced from our Mother Gaia. 


Talisman is derived from the Arabic word Tilasm meaning "completion, or religious rite. I complete, perform a rite".


The Supernova Talisman has been cleansed under 4 Full Moons and is created for a specific purpose. This piece must be given its intention and charged with magical powers by you. I will show you how. 


In the use of alchemy, magic, energy medicine and higher consciousness practices, talismans are programmed as tools of power and protection.

Talismans work by generating a positive force to achieve their intended objective. 


This necklace is made with a vegan leather cord and includes instructions for charging your crystal for protection, happiness, abundance, love, spiritual guidance and more.


Cord Colors available: Black, Brown, White.

The Supernova Talisman

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  • Natural crystal point on a vegan suede cord.