The Sacred Journey Within: Divine Femme Power Hour Daily Rituals

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Every woman and man is a Divine Goddess. This is your Birthright. You are also a God. This is also your Birthright.

The Divine Femme Power Hour Daily Rituals Podcast

We are Free Spirits, growing, loving, and evolving here on Earth together. Happiness and success manifests in many ways over time! On the Sacred Journey Within we upgrade our lives constantly, consciously, and daily. We connect with The Divine Feminine Energy for extra power and wisdom. You're going to become pretty blissful and even psychic as you enter this journey. You'll need to learn to ground and balance your energies as you Awaken. Keep your vibration high with these everyday rituals.

Enjoy this week's Podcast here:

To Evolve & Awaken deeply spend an hour per day honoring the Goddess Within and engaging in the Mind-Body Medicine Activities Below.💕 This is The Divine Femme Power Hour and it keeps me happy, balanced, creative and connected to my sacred Goddess Power.

If you are ready for Big Magic in your life, use these mind-body medicine daily rituals to completely supercharge your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Over time I will create a blog post for each mind-body therapy listed and go into the importance of adding these practices to your daily schedule. My Ph.D. work has my schedule jam-packed with papers, client notes, and art projects so I have no time to write each of these out today. (You may just have to wait until I drop my first book. ;)) Until I'm finished enjoy this list. (be sure to listen to the podcast above, I go speak about everything on this list. )

1. Mind: Meditation 2- 3 x's daily: Guided, Mantras, Chanting, Silent meditations, Deep Breathing, Grounding in Nature, Affirmations.

2. Body: Movement: Dance, Yoga, Exercise, Self Touch, Massage, Sex, Stretching, Qi Gong, Spa Treatments, Self Pleasure Baths, Yoni Steams.

3. Eat for your Chakras: Clean Eating with lots of fruits and vegetables. Switch your eating style with the seasons. Include Intermittent Fasting.

4. Hydrate: Drink water like a Goddess. Drink about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids for men and about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women. - Mayo Clinic (2020)

5. Soul: Self-Talk, Self-Love Rituals, Personal Development, Chakra and Tarot Readings, Self-Care, Sisterhood Conversations, Journaling, Self Reflection, Ego & Shadow Work

6. Spirit: Everything you do contributes to your spirit. Mind-Body Medicine Practices, Self Healing Sessions, Reiki, Crystal Healing, plan and save for your next Shamanic Medicine Work, Alchemy, and Conscious Awakening with your Tribe.

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I support your healing, personal growth, and the development of your intuition. Our goal is to collectively heal and upgrade our vibrations which contribute to the healing and Ascension of our Mother Earth.

My second goal is I am searching for Earth Healers and Grid Workers to Join me on The Sacred Journey Within.

We are a real (physical) community. We meet all over the world for Retreats, Shamanic Healing Journeys, and for Planetary Chakra Healing & Grid Work. We are One and this Tribe was created to support each other's Spiritual Evolution and Awakening.

Please ask questions, share your insights, your dreams, cares, and concerns. Share what you love. Share whatever is on your mind or heart. Ask for feedback.

Yes its love and light but, the journey is tricky, its hard, and its dark sometimes. Know that you are never alone. Not ever. I made a vow to share this information with all who desire it. If you have something bothering you or simply need support please know you're welcome to share anything at all. We welcome you with open arms. If its a private matter please inbox me.

For 1-on-1 Mind-Body Medicine Sessions including Shamanic Healing Journeys, International Retreats, Meditation Training, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation Sessions, Tantra Yoga, Reiki, and to talk things out...please visit the offerings on my Life Coaching page.

For Goddess Magic: For Handmade Crystal Jewelry, Talismans, Malas, Amulets, or sage, candles, and cards please visit my website and find what you need to support your spiritual healing and personal development quest. The Divine Femme

To join me on retreat please visit: Follow Your Bliss Retreats for more information.

Welcome to love, happiness, inner peace, awakening, soul liberation, and the development of your intuitive abilities. Welcome to The Sacred Journey Within!

I am your Goddess Sister & we journey together towards your Truest, Highest, and Most Radiant Self.



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