#ThankYouPlantMedicine on The Farrah Sharpe Podcast

I Am in awe and deep gratitude for our beautiful Mother Earth. Pachamama heals, guides, supports sustains and loves us all daily. Entheogenic Plant and Animal Medicines along with Mind-Body Medicine helped me to transcend an endless cycle of pain, suffering, and sadness. These Master Teacher Medicines helped me to heal my mind, body, soul & spirit and then lovingly Awakened me to Oneness, love, and Infinite bliss. I Am forever grateful and will share the knowledge, healing, and magic of our Plant Medicine Guides with the world. So much happiness. So much gratitude. - Farrah

Have Plant Medicines Helped you to Change Your Life?

Take a listen to my thoughts on today's Podcast.


This movement was born as a response to the stigma in society about the use of psychoactive plants and therapy-assisted psychedelics.

We dream of a world where these substances are free from stigma and discrimination, for personal and collective healing.

They are organizing a global wave of gratitude for February 20, 2020, calling on people to “come out” with their stories of healing and transformation on that day, using the hashtag #ThankYouPlantMedicine.

We are aiming for 100,000 stories.

Share your Story

SIGN THE PLEDGE And join us in ending the stigma.

Check out the Campaign on their website. #ThankYouPlantMedicine

Aho!! Planet Earth is Free!! Alignment is happening and the Love Evolution is in Motion!! Ase' Amun!!

So Happy. So much love. Share the movement with your friends. If you are ready to journey with plant medicines please connect with me.



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