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For thousands of years, menstruating was known as a sacred and powerful rite bestowed upon women giving them increased psychic abilities and strong inner powers to heal the sick and see into the future. The word "menstruation" is etymologically related to "moon". The terms "menstruation" and "menses" are derived from the Latin mensis (month), which relates to the Greek mene (moon) and to the roots of the English words month and moon.

Ancient Egyptians believed that young girls first menstrual flow meant that she was becoming attuned to the Great Goddess. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the menstrual blood is known as Tian Gui "Heavenly Essence." In Africa, menstrual blood is used in the most powerful magic charms to both purify and destroy. The Sanskrit word for menstruation and season are the same ~ Ritu. According to the Cherokee, menstrual blood was a source of feminine strength and had the power to confuse and destroy enemies. All over the world, women's blood is considered sacred.

In the not so distant past (and some current religions) some believed that menstruating women hold so much power they are dangerous. In some patriarchal cultures, menstrual blood is viewed as threatening to men's power, and women are not allowed into the temples and holy places during their menses. (This is bullshit IMO)

Though our culture has normalized menstrual pain, we have not normalized the ceremony, the conversation, the healing, beauty, and community that occurs within the ceremony of natural blood flow.

In Chinese Medicine the feminine is Yin. The Yin energies are associated with the moon, darkness, and water. The average woman’s length of the menstrual cycle is 29 days, which is exactly the length of time that the moon takes to orbit the earth. The average length of pregnancy is 265.8 days, almost nine lunar months. This is just pure M A G I C!

When your menses align with the moon, your intuition is naturally supercharged, and you are spiritually invited into the great and secret blood mysteries of The Divine Feminine.

Yes, you made it, You're here, you can get excited!!

You are in tune, aligned, and being initiated into the secrets of goddess magic!! This is a natural initiation process that occurs as you align your energy with your Highest Self. The syncing began for me in 2015 while I was in Los Angeles, California. I was pretty happy that day but the first person I told became immediately afraid and weirded out by my great news. I immediately changed the subject and took my celebration within. Now I celebrate my moon cycle monthly with loads of self-care, self-love, mantras, good food, relaxation, Sisterhood, and meditations with the Goddesses. 🙏🏽☀💜

Awakening, ritual, ceremony, sisterhood, and connection for the modern contemporary female, is a revolutionary act. Especially if you're a melanin woman living in America. Through the act of ritual, we can honor and connect to the natural bodily process of bleeding. Ritual and ceremony allow us to reclaim womb health, self-love, and our worthiness as descendants of the Divine Mother. There is a pearl of beautiful wisdom in knowing and understanding your own personal cycle. Each phase of the bleeding cycle offers you a potent medicine to remember yourself.

During this time, I recommend lots of curiosity and participating in goddess rituals that help you to tap into your psychic and extrasensory abilities.

If you're a part of a sisterhood or a group of friends, you may notice your moon cycle may start to synchronize.

This is a natural occurrence and display of Goddess Power. I urge you to create something magical with your sisterhood and use your energy to create peace, love, and compassion on the planet.

If you‘ve begun menopause or have experienced a medical condition and no longer bleed, you can still partake in the full moon goddess energy by honoring The Divine Feminine within yourself, being a part of a divine sisterhood and/or participating in red tent circle.

If it has not happened to you yet, be patient, and trust the process. There is no way to hack your period to align your cycle with the moon and the Goddess, it happens naturally.

Bleeding with the moon is a beautiful time of self-love and reconnection. The bleeding cycle is a time of empowerment, divine rest, and grace. When ritually respected and restored to its ancient position Moon Cycle Medicine becomes a personal tradition that every woman can enjoy and honor within herself monthly.

Your spiritual journey includes your moon cycle and as painful, uncomfortable, heavy, or inconvenient as your period may feel, bleeding is a very sacred and powerful part of being a goddess. If you need help getting into the flow My Moon Time is an app designed to track users' moontime.

The Goddess Awakening

It's time for women to remember that the menstrual cycle is a time of ceremony and self-love. Our moon time is our first rights of passage, it is our first awakening to our personal alter our inner temple. As we celebrate all aspects of being a woman we make space to honor our subsequent rights of passages through womanhood ~ conception, birth, motherhood, menopause as we move through the cycles of Maiden, Mother, Crone. There is so much transformational magic, wisdom, and love available to women during their cycles.

Your intuition

Your moon cycle does its perfect work keeping your body and mind in constant dynamic harmony. At the center of the brain are the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. These glands are both directly related to the Third Eye Chakra and the awakening of intuition in your life. These glands organize the endocrine system, which produces hormones that regulate growth development, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things.

During your menses open yourself to clearing and healing your 3rd Eye energy. Give yourself permission to deeply reconnect to Goddess and gently celebrate yourself with rest for a month well done. Take a celebration day and reconnect yourself through rituals, dance, journaling, and grounding barefoot in Mother Gaia. Dance naked in the rain, each lunch outside in the sun, lay with your crystals while you Om, and drink lots of water. Smile and find comfort in this gorgeous Earth body you live in.

Give thanks and deep gratitude for this life experience. Soften your shoulders. Breathe, deeply, and listen to your inner voice. Become aware of the soft voice of inner wisdom. Listen with your Chakras for the Goddess to communicate with you in your own special way.

Your mind will be clear but your body may need to slow down. It is natural to feel as though you may need a little more rest while menstruating. The bleeding time is comparable to winter. Women ebb & flow with the changing seasons every month as our hormones dance with the cosmos. Make sure to take it slow during your moon time so that qi and essence may be conserved. This allows for a more balanced and harmonious moon cycle overall.

Moon Cycles

Full Moon

If your menses come with the full moon, trust that Goddess is working with you intensely at this time. She has you safely in her arms, teaching, healing, and guiding you to your highest purpose and passion. The full moon lunar phase has restorative properties that realign you with the cosmos and refresh any stagnate energy that you accumulated during the month. Take time to bask in your Goddess Initiation by spending the day curled up with your favorite blanket, a body pillow, and a good book while enjoying cacao (magical chocolate) as a spiritually fulfilling act of loving-kindness if you choose. You deserve it! When you take time out to honor yourself, you also honor the Goddess.

New Moon

If your menses shows up with the New Moon, its time to let your creative inner child out to play. The Goddess wants you to create something new. This can be a piece of artwork, implementing a new business idea, trying a new hobby, making a new vision board, or planning a project. Make sure that while you are bleeding, you make time to meditate and let new ideas in. To engage the energy, you can try new foods, listen to new music, and go to new places.


Try not to get FOMO if the moon happens to be in one of its in-between phases when Aunt Flo comes around for you. The waxing phases of the moon are the perfect time for reflection on your next phase in life, think about it and make a big list. Ask yourself, what projects you can complete now. After your cycle is complete, act on this list with playful passion.


If your moon cycle comes during the waning phases, I encourage you to meditate on your personal and spiritual alignment. Give yourself permission to let go of things you no longer need and cut the cords to anything that's out of alignment with the highest version of yourself. Clean out your closet and give away what you don't need.

Moon Cycle Magic Meditations

Sitting Meditation

Find a place where you can meditate. Relax, close your eyes, and take 7 deep, delicious breaths. Let the relaxation and the visions come. Rest even more deeply now and imagine yourself and your moon blood nourishing the Mother who nourishes us. Relax & let the visions come…

Walking Meditation

Take time to walk outside under the full moon. Let your eyes rest on the moon as you breathe deeply. Allow yourself to come into alignment with the moon as you breathe. Engage the cosmos with your loving attention. Feel the waves of love and energy as you become aware of the Goddess loving you back.

Rest Meditation

Honor yourself & your moon time with extra rest, self-care, self- compassion & self-love. Do Nothing!! Use this time as a way to create a self retreat at home and treat yourself to a day of nothingness and relaxation.

Check your Goddess Compass + Lunar Rhythms

Discussion Questions:

Has your cycle synced up with the moon?

Which moon cycle are you syncing up with?

What special ways do you honor yourself during your moon time?

Share these take a ways in the comments below and also in our Facebook group @The Divine Femme.

♥ Tips

If you're a heavy bleeder and experience painful cramps, use a heating pad, drink herbal teas, incorporate essential oils and flowers to your bath water. Take extra special time for meditation and include a few Tantra yoga asanas to stretch and release any energy that may be pent up in the cells and joints of your body.

Moon Cycle Magic Ritual + Ceremony

Love your MOON Cycle ✤ 6 simple steps

♥ Use organic menstrual products like Party in my Pants

♥ Take a Moon Day all to yourself and indulge in self-love rituals.

♥ Love your womb with a self-massage and essential oils.

♥ Use your crystals by placing them on your chakras for a day of crystal energy healing.

♥ Connect with your Goddess Sisterhood.

♥ Warm your womb with a heating pad and hot tea.

Love you Sis,

Let's talk more soon.


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