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@Farrah Sharpe⁩ I have a question. How can you manifest anything without involving your ego? Or is that even possible? Would it be your intention behind it is what makes the difference? Like wanting more funds so u can splurge n show out vs wanting it to further your purpose. On one hand "I want" is the ego (according to Eckhart) but on the other hand one may want funds to go on retreats or buy crystals or a house. How do u balance your ego and still manifest material things? Is it our ego that wants things in the 1st place?

♾ My Response ♾

Farrah: Hi C (Abbreviation of clients name) Great Question. Remember that you are whole and perfect just as you are, including your ego. Your ego isn’t something you need to end or erase, it needs love, attention, balance and alignment. Eckhart speaks of the first levels of ego integration, so yes if you want money to “show out” & “stunt” this is based in ego and it won’t feel good for very long if you achieve your goal. Working through ego, maybe it will come to you and maybe it won’t, its all still based on your internal vibration. Is it wrong to want to “show out” This is a good question for your soul. I feel that the intention behind everything definitely makes the difference. This can not be hidden from The Infinite.

You can put your “ego” (Earth Personality) to work in the service of love. Your wants can be balanced with Ma’at. I feel that we are lovingly guided and supported moment by moment in our divine purpose and if we surrender to this we naturally receive direction, connection, energy, motivation, money, support, and all of our needs are met. All we need to do is open and surrender to the process, meditate, and act on the intuitive guidance we receive.

This is heaven on Earth and your wants are good. They are a natural extension of you leading you to your highest happiness. You are on the path of Awakening... You can relax into the idea that you can want things and you can have abundance you seek. If the want feels “bad” to you maybe it’s not in alignment with your highest good or maybe you feel bad about it because the goal seems to be financially out of reach. This is mindfulness. It’s good to be aware of how you feel. The goal is to notice and fine tune any vibrations that are out of alignment with what you seek.

You can balance your ego and your wants by balancing your heart.

A fun way to play with this energy is to go ahead and request the funds from Infinite to go on retreat, to buy the house and the crystals. When you do, pay attention to any thoughts, sensations or feelings that arise that make you feel bad, unworthy, and defeated, now look... Here... Here is the ego... Now you have found the true ego you seek, the one who speaks negatively to you and who blocks your progress. This is the ego Eckhart speaks of. Find this Ego, the one who edges God out of your life. This is the shadow work.

The Infinite wants you to have everything your heart desires and will deliver them to you at the perfect time.

You can balance your ego and manifest material things by remembering and honoring who you truly are, by loving our Mama Earth and living the best life you can right now.

You want things because you are Infinite Intelligence living life as You. ⁩ You want to play and have fun in this lifetime. You want to remember yourself, to master yourself, to enjoy the foods, to travel the world, dance, listen to music, make love, swim in the ocean,,taste the spices, roam the cities, see the stars. You are God Body! You want to embody yourself, and create with your thoughts, emotions and feelings in this lifetime. 🙏🏽💜👑

I love you Sis.

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