What are Crystals?

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Scientifically speaking… Crystals are created by The Earth arranging atoms and groups of atoms within itself in regular repeating patterns connecting together in exactly the same way over and over again.

Diamonds, quartz, ruby’s and amethyst are popular crystals that people wear to express their unique beauty and to vibrate high. Kings, Queens, Priests and all castes of royalty throughout the ages have worn crystals and precious gems expressing wealth and magnificence as they led people and ruled over nations.

Goddesses, Mystic’s, Healers, Sages, Magicians, Witches, and Sorcerers throughout time have harnessed the energy of crystals for healing, cleansing, protection, manifestation and all kinds of magic. Currently modern science has put the power of crystals to use in your every day life by m using crystal technology in televisions and cell phones.


Each crystal has a unique vibrational signature and we have created our jewelry with this in mind.

This is because crystals are scientifically known for their high vibrational qualities and their ability to release this high vibration and share it with anyone wearing crystals or near them through resonance. (Resonance, for those of you who love to know more, is in physics a phenomenon that happens when a vibrating system or external force (the crystal) drives another system (you) to oscillate with greater fullness at a high frequency.)

How to care for your jewelry & crystals?

Our jewelry is highly durable, but it is suggested that you treat them with relative care. To maintain the pieces for years, please avoid wearing the jewelry in water, and remove while sleeping or exercising. The patina may naturally darken over time, and a polishing cloth can be used to return the metal to its original coloring.

Some crystals may need to be cleansed of energy. You can feel it when they need to be cleansed.

When this is necessary you can use sage (found in Lifestyle) to cleanse your crystals and set them on your window seal to bask in the moonlight for an extra charge of energy.

If your jewelry is 14 karat gold or sterling silver, you may opt to cleanse your jewelry in a variety of ways based on the metal used in its creation. If your jewelry is not made with a precious metal using any cleaners or harsh abrasives may damage your jewelry.

If you have crystal healing stones (unattached to metal) you can choose to cleanse them in a variety of ways. As long as it is a natural, raw, or a tumbled stone you can rinse it in water, use sage, the sound frequency 528 Hz, moonlight, sunlight and even brown rice to rest your crystals in for a night or two.

Any of these will recharge your crystals for use in again in a couple of days.

Please connect with me if you have more questions.

Love you to the moon and back.


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