Alchemy of the Spirit Book Club Reading List

Hello loves here is our reading list for Alchemy of the Spirit Egypt 2020. Welcome to your Year of Awakening.

We are journeying and studying as a group and I would love for you to join the magic and the conversation. We are going deep into Egyptian Cosmology this year. Our quest to Ancient Kemet opens new doors to knowledge, enlightenment, and pleasure, allowing for automatic frequency alignment, and DNA upgrades.

If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of the cosmos, the initiation of your spiritual awakening, and deep healing from your past then please join us and read along. We will read a chapter a week and share our thoughts here in our group.

Allow the Alchemy to take hold as you read, meditate, and practice your daily mind-body medicine plan. Slowly you will transform your life from the inside out.

We’ve already begun reading Pussy in @The Divine Femme Group. We will begin The Kemetic Tree of Life Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics and Cosmology for Higher Consciousness in our @Alchemy of the Spirit Facebook Group.

We will read a chapter a week and share our thoughts here in our group.

Alchemy of the Spirit Book Club Reading List

2/8/2020 - 4/18/202 Reading Schedule

Book 1: Pussy

3/1/2020- 5/1/2020 Reading Schedule

Book 2: The Kemetic Tree of Life Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics and Cosmology for Higher Consciousness

We will journey with the books below until we leave in September. It’s not necessary to purchase all the books at once. The oracle cards are very useful in your daily meditation and to connect with the Goddess Isis.

Isis Oracle Cards

I read multiple books at once. Do you? Let's chat about this below. I need to know how fast or slow we should take it and if we can read more that one book at a time as a group. Please share your thoughts below.

3. The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day

4 . MA'AT 42 Plus GOD: Common Sense Approach Ideas to Living a Prosperous Life In Truth, Justice, Order, Balance and Love

5. Kemetic Diet: Food for Body, Mind and Spirit (Food for Body, Mind and Soul)

6. Sacred Sexuality: Ancient Egyptian Tantric Yoga: The Neterian Guide To Love, Sexuality, Marriage, Relationships and the Secrets of Sexual Energy Cultivation, Sublimation, and Spiritual Enlightenment 3rd ed. Edition

7. Invoking the Egyptian Gods

8. Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods

9. Egyptian Yoga: Postures of the Gods and Goddesses: The Ancient Egyptian system of physical postures for health meditation and spiritual enlightenment ... Hatha Yoga (Philosophy of Righteous Action)

Daily Goddess Studies: Preparation for The Awakening 2021 Bali and visiting the Earth's Chakras

10.Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit

11. Sacred Woman: 84 Day Healing Journal

12. Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity

13. The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus & the Sex Magic of Isis

14. Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be

15. Warrior Goddess Training Companion Workbook

The Sacred Journey Within Research Readings

16. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Revised Edition: : America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing

17. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: Study Guide

18. For Advanced Travelers Only: Dark Light Consciousness: Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality

Note: These books, the research, and the self-study are not a requirement to attend this retreat but it can be fun, enlightening, and help you to feel happy, powerful, and free. You can choose the books you are most called to and read those. If we are reading a book that triggers you then READ THAT BOOK SPECIFICALLY! Run into your fears not away from them. I am with you, your tribe is with you. We got you.

There are 18 of us going to Egypt so far. I am so happy you are here. Our 1:1 Sessions will be very helpful in your process. Please connect with me for meditation training, past life regression, and tantra yoga.

We have 8 months to study, align, and prepare.

Welcome to The Sacred Journey Within

Ase'. Aho. Amun.

Namaste, Farrah

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