Social Experiment: We Free Think... Will Work For Peace

The Real Revolution is the Evolution of Consciousness

Performance Art Public Exhibition | 2009


 My intention is to help others break free from the Earth Matrix.

My goals with We Free Think and The We Are One Project are to share meditation, inner peace, originality, and to encourage awakening conversations with MIPOC and others who support inclusion, intersectionality, and free thought.

When I began my journey I was alone and I didn't want others to feel this way. I started a movement that made asking the BIG QUESTIONS about life cool.





Who am I? 

 What am I?

What is my Purpose? 

What are the consequences of breaking free from the hamster wheel Matrix mindset, the media, religion, politics, and anything that tries to control you? 


  1. I remembered the great secret of Life.

  2. I feel a constant flow of happiness, bliss, clarity and love. 

  3. My family and friends called me crazy and I was judged, shamed and gossiped about by those I loved most.

I didn't care. I kept evolving anyway.

 I became a Phoenix! I burned away the parts of me that prevented me from knowing and being my truest highest self. 


I was becoming like God.

I awakened to The Goddess.

I was becoming Unified.

Awakening isn't Crazy. 

It was the purpose of my life.  

As I work for peace within myself, it over flows

into my world… Inner peace equals world peace. 

Now its time to enjoy the Earth and share my love and my art.

We heal ourselves to heal our world. 

Our Mantra: I breathe. I heal. I evolve. I transcend.

I set myself free.

I Choose to Awaken!

I choose LOVE.


My Purpose in 2009: To share my spiritual awakening with the world and to find others who are also awakening.

I was searching for community and I found it!

To create awareness and create a new conversation about the  Mystery of Life; I made tee shirts, body suits, and dresses with conscious free thinking statements that made people think, read books, and meetup for sacred conversations at cool locations in various cities.


We Free Think is Art as Social Activism

Goals Achieved!



We gathered to discuss world issues and create solutions that we could execute. We talked and took classes on healing and awakening the higher functions of the mind, body, soul, and spirit together. Our everyday conversations included metaphysics, quantum physics, psychology, the occult, mind-body medicine, spirituality, and shared survival and healing stories. 


Our energy exchange and story sharing was healing and empowering and has become the foundation for many of our present creative projects. 

Our social experiment gave permission to be introspective, outspoken, weird in public, openhearted, and openly excited to be on the awakening journey. 

We came out as Free Thinkers, Intuitives, Magicians, Psychics, Healers, Alchemists, Witches, Indigos, and Starseeds.

We called ourselves The Awakened Ones and we serve others.


We took over the streets of West Palm Beach, Florida and collectively shared our message. We challenged social norms.

Someone called the police.


Then the Fire Department stopped by. 


They loved the Social Experiment. 



Together we found our voice. 


Through creative expression and the release of shame we found the courage to be ourselves and speak our truth unapologetically.


This was the beginning of our  collective Spiritual Awakening.




This was the beginning of our Self- Love Journey.




This was the beginning of the Gen X, Gen YGen Z Awakening Movement in West Palm Beach, Florida. 






We changed ourselves and now we are changing the world.




We united our hearts and intentions through Free Thought & Creativity!



Inner Peace leads to World Peace.



Open Minds lead to an Open Hearts. 


We Are the Change We Are Seeking.




We Are One.

2009 We Free Think... created by Farrah Sharpe.

Rest in Light Kemar! We love you.