Poetry In Motion the Play

Life’s a Stage So Dance On It!

A play about a girl who lost it all and found herself in the Matrix.

Poetry is a modern dancer currently employed as an exotic dancer. She has big dreams of owning her own dance studio. She has the world at her finger tips, yet she is still finds herself unhappy mixed up in the J.O.B. Syndrome. (just over broke).


After suffering through a neglectful, cheating relationship, she finds herself in the middle of the Matrix. Broken, sad and alone, her reality falls apart and a new reality presents itself.


In order for Poetry to experience happiness once again she must find the place within herself that is love that is sex that is beauty.


Poetry suddenly finds herself in a bizarre dream world where she meets mysterious characters which try to inform her about the Matrix and help her to awaken from the dream.


By the end of her journey Poetry experiences heart break, self love, sacred sex and a major change in career. She’s meant for the stage but which stage will she choose?

 Poetry in Motion expresses one woman’s fight to find identity amidst the chaos & lies in her life, as she explores the nature of what drives the human spirit.

Poetry in Motion presents compelling and thought-provoking performances that include elements of theater, dance, performance art, film and improvisation.

Written & directed by Farrah Sharpe and the Poetic Cast of Poetry in Motion. Choreographed, and produced by Jessica McCready.