August 23, 2009

I need to be alone right now.

I don’t have anything to give anyone & yet people keep wanting from me

to feed off my energy to suck what little I have in me

Ive depleted myself going to a job I hate

Sleeping everynight in a bed where I’m not sure if the man I love is cheating on me

Ignorance is bliss and so I stayed there for a while

My ignorance and distrust of my own gut feeling and refusal to add up all the pieces to see who this man was ate me alive

So I left.

He was a beautiful man but he wasn’t my man.

My man would never put another woman before me

I would be his Goddess and he would remind me throuh his touch that he is God

I’m disconnected

I wish religion didn’t have such a hold on the mind like that.

I need to set myself free.



August 22, 2009

Why on earth would we want something our whole lives and never go for it?

What are we thinking?

Are we insane?

We always want what we don’t have

And don’t appreciate what we do have.

We always want more

it satisfies something within us

We always need something.

I always need something…

I have always wanted to be more

I’ve decided to become One now




July 26, 2010

Who are you?
A Spirit, a Soul?
Which one?
Every soul is an image of the world.
Are you both?
The false self is an aberration of nature and distances the soul from Divine Light.
The true nature of all of creation.
Business men
Playing chess
Who will wake up and who will stay asleep?
That’s the running story!
They want us all to win but they won’t make us wake up.
They play the game and you’re still asleep.
I’m too polite.
You like your bed.
Wake yourself up.
Wake up to your other self.
Wake up through pain.
Don’t fall asleep again.



July 29, 2010

It may be time to initiate yourself into the mysteries. The Journey of Self is one you begin alone.
Yet we are never truly alone are we? What does Source feel like.

I can’t try to make it happen; I have to let it happen. And the desire comes first.
My Guide says listen: Anytime you feel negative about a thing or situation, that’s your inner-self guiding you. It's telling you that you have an unfulfilled desire hidden within the thing that you hate. The work is the evolution. Its time to look your shadow in the face.

Stop avoiding the feeling and just look at it! Watch it fade away instantly. Just do the thing, or say the thing that causes you to feel negativity. Call it out from hiding. This is your secret, so see it.
A cycle of regeneration needs to occur. Those old things you have to leave in order for your new life to have fresh ground to take root in. Allow it to happen. You have to want change. The universe is so neatly set up as to give you everything you ask for. Now whether you allow it in is up to you. The energy you carry and the vibration you maintain are the keys to allowing it in.
Consider This: Could negativity be just a judgment and in its highest truth it’s not good or bad? 
Channeled July 29, 2010




November 21, 2011

I will make an attempt to be vulnerable and to tell this story from the deepest part of me

Infinite, interdimensional, interstellar

The smaller you blushes when I come to mind but its time to let the cat goddess out of the box.

You intuition was successful

I will grant you 3 wishes

They come in sets so that you have magical creative power in sets of 3’s

So ask for what you want and of course after these 3 are used you get another set of 3 to play with.

This is a fun game

In opening my heart to you I feel naked, vulnerable open and I feel love.

I shrink into a puddle of luminous reflective water on the ground and go deeper into the earth with out a sound

You’ve been taught buy the earth

She is the greatest gift

The highest class room

You’ve been seeking your guides

I have been with you

I am your Great Mother

Always speaking to you.

Known by many names

To many species

I am you and you are me



I understand my love


I have something to tell you…



March 27, 2012

I think my words are rejected because they shatter people hopes.

The dreams they have of a savior coming down from the clouds to save them I make them afraid

I speak of the mythos

I need a way to describe it

a way to share with them that there is nothing to fear

Our society has been fed a mythos of the past, our preachers spend most of their time in allegory

Trying to decipher the mythos from their current state of unbalanced emptiness

Biblical Interpretations

I could no longer visit churches

The pastor ain’t telling the truth

He can’t teach what he doesn’t know

Hes blinded by what he was taught

Haunted by his own sins

Dealing with is own demons

Reflecting all his inner thoughts on to the congregation

They think they need to be saved

Meditation could help

He should find out how and teach them

I no longer follow the masters religion.

Slave religion

That time is over.

The battle has been won.

What I can’t believe is that nobody told us the war was over.

We still live in fear everyday working jobs we hate, never having enough time or money to relax and contemplate the mysteries of life.

Its designed that way, to keep us in a monastic faith and demonize us by mistakes and make us believe that this world we created

No its not…

Maybe it is

This place would be easy to turn around

Just dig some ground and lets build a new city

Lets use free energy

Lets be an abundant and beautiful free planet anyway

Me, You.

Change the vibration.

The energy.

The pastors don’t know any better.



August 24, 2012

I’ll be 28 forever

Patiently waiting to feel good

My body is still tight

Looking in the mirror…

Looking Deep into my foundations

Pain makes you beautiful

At least that’s what I learned at 23

I wrote this story in a time when

Herstory was an old religion to the uncivilized

Human citizen

Consisting of Many nights of well deserved pain


And soft sparks fly


The singularity

The beginning of I

What is God?

A he or a she?

Don’t you remember?

We create worlds In our minds with soft sighs of wonder

What is God an it or an energy?

Did you hear me girl?

We create worlds In our minds with soft sighs of wonder

I am innocent

I am known as walking redemption

I’m perfecting the art of walking on water

Check my technique

My best friends would call me love if they knew me

But they don’t

My words create Light with shapes in the divine matrix

I take responsibility for my airy seeds

Sacred shapes drift off my tongue

Enticing me to eat my words like cherries

Blackberries and banana pudding the hood kind

The child Divine

I create existence

I know nothing of my power

I know nothing of my relevance

I am unable to defend myself I need help

I need a savior

Hello, world

Hello me

I am my savior…

I create worlds in my mind with soft sighs of wonder

I keep creating worlds

My Tongue has always been too shy to speak

Does everyone talk to God or just me?


The Singularity

Creative Intelligence


Did it get mad or have a great idea

Did it orgasm?

And create Carbon

6 sets of electrons 6 sets of neutrons and 6 six sets of Protons.

Life is the Beast Itself

666 That's the concrete plan

I’ve slept on worse surfaces

There are creator gods posing as your god The One


Jealousy runs deep in the womb of my herstory

Imagine a seed that grew in ideas

false fake made up ideas & in a sea of ideas she grew

Space, vast and wide


The singularity

Then she woke up

Are you serious?


Dead Serious, The Dogons Tribe says that the Earth is evolving

I believe them

I am her to assist in the galactic shift and so are you but you forgot.

My roots go deep

I am a vortex

A wind a delightful, ambassador from the Yin Dynasty

I revel in the exoticism of it all

I used to hear the thoughts of others on subway trains in New York City

Someone told me “you can never hear the thoughts of another”

How would they know?

But I did, sometimes I still do…

They used to secretly ask me if I could hear their calling….

I couldn’t hear their calling

I couldn’t even hear my own calling

I behaved so badly, so godly, so unruly

I am God & the devil

We each have a calling

How annoying it is to be classified as so many things that I didn’t choose

I’m Black a girl, , daughter, sister, whore, bitch, prostitute, mother, queen, goddess, god, twat whatever

And all without consent…

Labels are a prison for the mind.

Give me free

I’m a self confessed journey…

A saint and a sinner…

I am neither

Only lately… I can see myself…


I can see myself

I wake up with fire and ice in my chest,

Considering the Zombie reality

I can’t quite it…

I just want to want fuck something and go back to sleep just like the rest of the world

Other days I dream of Paris

When I’m sleepy I go back and find my lover in my mind

My obsession for androgyny

I meditate…


I allow your energy to enter me

As I go down… down … down…. Deep into you

Through the mud, and weeds

Through my sorrow, and shame

Rocks and embarrassment

Negative financial gain

Guilt and fear

I hate her the more I get closer to her

She reminds me of my shit I see myself

I allow my essence to burrow deep into the earth

6 feet… 7…. 12…

Electricity she wakes me and reminds me that I’m not me

She journeys me to my core…

Our core…. I am nothing

Nothing…… NO-THING….

And we merge…….

I draw in healing energy through the bottoms of my feet

I allow the light and the energy of the earth to cleanse me

I allow my ancestors song to vibrate every cell in me

I hear the beating drum and finally understand the rhythm of my heart.

I take control breath out stress, drama and negativity.

Could it be that I just need a small place a space to apologize to myself?

Back to the beginning

Located at the base of my spine is my root

I am creative intelligence in the flesh

Finding her voice

Grounding, connecting, courageously

Awaken awareness within me

I choose to heal and balance all forces and energies within me

I no longer fear the same God you love.

I choose to awaken wholeness, truth and strength within

I’m curious

Do you understand that you are the only black person in the room entertaining?

You are relevant to the peoples understanding.

I claim to be 28 again perpetuating my own illusion

I choose to be a better version of myself.

Farrah… The Quantum Poet



July 3, 2013

I was her little possession

She kept me safe and I kept her dreaming

Dreaming about love and kissing

I make her laugh

I challenge her

She misses me

I never gave myself fully

Sometimes you say

She says she didn’t know the extent of my amazingness until she came in touch with her own self.

She says I taught her a lot

She says…


July 3, 2015

Notice the many petals of the crown chakra… your lotus petals grow with education, learning, experience, allowing you to receive more information. The more petals the more information you can hold.

The brain is a seed that must flower. The petals are your legacies.

Love & compassion is the key to receiving evolutionary information. The information that answers your questions. Your desire and need to know is your fuel.

Your society kills those that kill, try loving those that kill and you receive and evolutionary leap in the consciousness of everyone on the planet.

The Game is between you and the System. Your society can and will change things by deciding to do things differently. For changing how you learn and relate to each other and everything. You will upgrade yourself.

Inner and outer beauty

Mind body soul

Spirit, religion, choices, confidence, peace of mind, money, buying, luxury, love, sex, what you know about life and who told you. Parents, preacher, father, teacher.

Time to learn more. Expand your awareness, not everything is the devil or god, most times its you.

Be guided by your intuition, instincts, your life experiences, always in the flow always on the path.

Keep creating, learning reading, be lead by the inner you the real you.

You have something you came to earth to do. Everyone has. It’s so close to you you miss it. Its something you do every day.

Give yourself praise, create healthy habits and rituals to support your goals and dreams.

Have the courage to move. Disappoint, break up, continue on, clean yourself up.

Forgive yourself, accept your behaviors, your past acts and dirty deeds. You needed them to progress and become the perfect you and to do what you came to Earth do.

You can imagine that there is 1 problem that you came here to fix it.

Stop rushing. Pay attention. Be in the now. Keep trying. You have all of your life to do it.

– Farrah


July 4, 2015

A sea of bliss?

An open eye would spend some time getting to know you

if it only knew you existed

Hidden on purpose from me so that my ancestors could pass down the tradition slavery?

Fabricated success and spiritual entropy?

Not me!

At the end of my last lifetime my body was numb

I was cold, I never want to be buried again

Another cog on the wheel of human energy

Destined to do the chores that fuel society

And this is my life,

Passionless and bruised

Running and never moving

Standing still reading a book that insists Earth is only 6000 years old

That same spiritual leader told me dinosaurs never existed & he never said my name right.

And I was pissed but the devil scared me enough to forget again

I felt pain and someone said it makes you beautiful…

In that moment the magic of science and Her-story excited me

Sheer deception was presented to me

Only I could see because at 12 I started reading Jung and this knowledge gave my mind wings

What is the world made of?


Where am I?

Sada Sat

Where have I been?


11 bridges appeared in superposition

Wheels of light that carried me

They stored my lifetimes on jump drives

They pressed play and showed me my life on movie screens.

I Am Phoenix dying to the Self a thousand times from the fire I arose

Every time I see my own shadow I want to neutralize her

Banish her

I exist…

This is the basis of my evolution

Subjective in the Self I Am Infinite

I Am Creative

I Am Intelligence

If the eye only knew you

The self would be released into a see of Me

Natural law and perfect design has been covered and denied to the perception of most men.

The Great Game is being played & since you’re playing


I am remembering & I Am whispering… Gaia…

The greatest trick the devil would have played if he existed was the manipulation of mans DNA.


Man, alien, manifestation, creation, demiruge?

Good and evil collide in harmony in the sea of Infinite Bliss.

As above, so below

Is the Quantum nature of the Unified Field the same Abrahamic God of the 3 fighting religions?

Is the God of 3 fighting religions Extraterrestrial in nature?

Was he the one to create the systems, the seals, the secret societies, the grail?

Sada Sat


God and Science have merged in agreement considering a Thing unknown and withdrawn

An experience of freedom

A word

A vehicle

A mantra

A movement

A return

And information is given freely

Wisdom, pictures, sounds, words, music, inspiration, synchronizations, feelings passions and plans…

If you want them.

This world is quantum in nature and there are many levels to consider things on

Things can easily be in 2 places at the same time

All is One remember & especially if you’re not looking



using your mind like crayons

coloring life with your thoughts

I Am the observer


Alive, evolved, blue, green, water, nourishing, round, floating in space….

Supportive, loving, silent, radiant, kind, giving, patient, speaking…

She sends a break to my heart…

She sends fire to my dreams…

She calls me in the clapping of the leaves…


Chants of the past from trees…

She tells me that I am a descendant of Goddesses

The 8th in line

from the lineage of those that can hear.

She has a message

its time….

Make movies and show them the patterns that you see…

Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Ether…

 - Farrah