Laniakea Galaxy

Laniakea Galaxy is a plant intelligence interspecies orchestra that produces medicinal music using the vibrational frequency of plants and trees. I merge the art and the science of mind-body medicine, Tantra Yoga, EcoPsychology and environmental activism to create a sound experience that expresses and uplifts consciousness. Lanikea Galaxy is a multi-dimensional listening experience created holistically from the perspective of the plants themselves. Their collective expression produces a soundworld that facilitates the expansion of consciousness.


The Plant Kingdom is a living species and they are listening and responding to us and our world. Laniakea Galaxy starts a new conversation with consciousness and reminds us of our intimate connection to nature. Conscious interaction with plant intelligence offers us an opportunity to slow down, listen without expectation, and become more intuitive by opening our hearts and sensing the desire of plants to communicate and dialogue with us.  

Sound Healing | How It Works

Plant Neurobiology is a multidisciplinary collaboration within the plant sciences that offer integrative approaches to plant signaling and adaptive behavior which allows us to way to connect and communicate with nature through the universal language of vibration and frequency. Using special biofeedback equipment specifically designed to read the frequency of plant leaves and flower petals I analyze and hear the sounds generated by my plants.


My Plants have a physiological response to the sound of my voice, my touch, and my thoughts. I record our interactions using a real-time biofeedback device which translates their frequency into music. By connecting my plants to biofeedback equipment their vibrational frequency is translated from an inaudible sound frequency into audible musical tones.

Current Projects

The Making of A Band: The name we have chosen for our Orchestra is Laniakea Galaxy. We have been recording, synchronizing, and working on our first project, the soundtrack for The Sacred Journey Within Documentary Film and the meditations for the guidebook.



My goals with Laniakea Galaxy are to make amazing music, continue to research our conscious connection to Mother Nature, and create an art installation that will help to educate others on the complex relationships of plant and human interactions and how this knowledge can help us to create a more integrative, whole, and sustainable society. Creating spaces and opening up a dialog about a personal connection to nature could inspire humans to create a world where the environment is included in the everyday decisions we make as a species. 



What if trees and plants can pass to their knowledge onto humanity? Trees are the ancient ancestors of the World, they have been here longer than man, they are great protectors, providers, and listeners. Trees and plants give oxygen to humans in exchange for carbon dioxide. Developing a relationship that fosters harmony between Nature and humanity is an essential step for the survival of both species. This symbiotic relationship foretells that the destruction of one species is the destruction of them both. Deforestation and unsustainable human practices overlook the silent genocide of trees. I hope to bring awareness and mindfulness to human behavior and how we consciously interact with the other species on the planet.


Answering The Call Mother Nature has survived for millions of years we can look to her for answers.  The Earth is comprised of endless networks of communication and collaborations between thousands of organisms that flow in harmony with the laws of nature. The Earth is a living and thriving being and although she is a different species from humans she vibrates, breaths, moves, creates and destroys daily. She is indeed alive. We can trust her to offer us healing vibrational messages through her primary ambassadors, the plant kingdom.

Ways You Can Help

If you would like to help protect and preserve our world's forests and wildlife, please go to Stand For Trees and make a donation. 

If you would like to support the making of our documentary film please go to The Sacred Journey Within Documentary Film page and make a donation. 

For press or interviews please send me a message.


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