Alchemy of the Spirit Goddess Retreat

The Sacred Journey Within Documentary film 

Tour of Egypt
June 5 - June 16, 2023


Are you ready?


We begin on June 5th, 2023, and journey 600 miles through Egypt for 9 days celebrating our Ancestors through ritual meditation, yoga, dance, and creative expression. Come, travel, and treat yourself as the Queen, Goddess, King, God that you are on this divinely guided and lovingly curated trip of a lifetime.


Egypt holds the origins and foundation of our civilization. Earth as we know it began here. Egypt is still an active gateway, which enables us to access the keys and codes of our DNA and star origins. You're invited on a 9-day retreat to explore the Throat Chakra of the world with us in

Ancient Kemet. 

 I know if you are here, you already have a sacred bond with the Egyptian Goddesses and Gods, and are most likely a Priestess or Priest yourself, carrying the codes of ancient wisdom in your DNA and in your bones. I know you know this to be true. 


Egypt is the perfect space to reconnect with your ancient wisdom, surrounded by the pyramids, deserts, and the river Nile where the Goddess of creation and life originated.


On this journey, we are activating The Sefech Ba Ra or the Kemetic Chakra System, primarily the Throat Chakra.  Like Isis, mother of magic, healing, and nature, you are an alchemist being called to reawaken and activate a deep, primordial knowing inside of you and to align with your pure Goddess energy.

At our retreat, you will be fully immersed in soul exploration, in one of the most impressive civilizations the world has seen, with a rich culture, archaeological treasures, and energetic vortexes unmatched anywhere on Earth!

This journey will take you into the depths of your true nature with ritual, honoring, exploration, and nurturing of your innate divine feminine gifts.


We will ignite the spark of remembrance in your heart as you rise into your divinity and celebrate the Goddess & God that you already are. 


We will walk through the magnificent temples of Isis, Hathor, and Horus together as we allow the memories and initiation to begin.


Our journey will be led by an expert Egyptologist, which will guide and enhance our understanding of the history of Ancient Kemet and the sacred sites we will explore.


Giza is on a ley line, and its location holds powerful and sacred energy which connects us to the cosmos. 


You will remember your sacred and wise ways and cultivate a deeper connection with all that is. 

This trip is curated to activate our memories, our personal divine power, and our life purpose missions.


We will be fully anchoring our power in the Throat chakra with the power of sacred voice and share our stories using the medium of documentary film.


As we empower ourselves, we help to awaken the love and unity in the collective heart of humanity by sharing our experiences with the world.


Bring your camera, your divine goddess adornments, and be prepared to share the expressions of your heart through goddess connection, energetic alignment, film, photography, dance, community, and love.


Space is limited to 45 Participants. I also have a waiting list. 

Day 1

The Jourey Begins

We begin our journey in Egypt via the Nile River.  We'll unveil the Sacred mysteries that can only be accessed by entering the inner temples of the Ancients. We'll spend the day exploring the mysterious Pyramids of Giza and flow along her sacred Nile River. 

Day 1


Hello Cairo


Happy Friday and Welcome to Egypt! 


On arrival at the airport, you’ll be picked up and transferred to our first hotel. 


Today we'll relax and enjoy a spa day with massage, relaxation, and leisure. 

Spa Highlights

Body scrub

Body wrap

Couple's Massage


Fitness counseling


Men's services

Separate Men's & Women's Lounges

Steam room


Please let me know if you want to book spa treatments. We will book these in advance.

Egyption Statue

Day 2

Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx

Welcome to the Initiation of your soul. It's a busy day today, I hope you're ready.

We'll visit the mysterious Giza Pyramids and The Great Sphinx. Experts still can’t agree with how the ancient Egyptians constructed the pyramids with their limited technology.


We Free Thinkers think it was our Ancient Alien Ancestors. What do you think? Still, to this day it remains a mystery. A complimentary 20-minute camel ride is included at the pyramids.


We'll also participate in a Divine Femme photoshoot.  


Day 2 (cont)

We continue to the necropolis of Saqqara, home to the famous Pyramid of Zhoser. This ancient monument dates back to around 2700BC and is surrounded by countless tombs and burial sites. 


After we visit the new Grand Egyptian Museum, which houses a giant exhibition containing the treasures of King Tutankhamun. Many pieces on show are being displayed for the first time and artifacts have been brought together from across Egypt and the world to this one fantastic location. 


The museum also makes use of new technology including virtual reality. 

Note: the Grand Egyptian Museum is set to open in 2020. 


An official date has yet to be released. If traveling prior to the opening of the new facility we'll visit the Egyptian Museum this morning. 


From there we'll transfer to the train station for a ride to Aswan on the sleeper train.


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is offered today.


Day 3
Aswan & the Philae Temple

Day 3 Pick-up from the sleeper train and transfer to the Nile Cruise – Embarkation –  

 We arrive in Aswan and visit the beautiful Philae Temple,  the High Dam, and the Granite Quarries.


The Temple of Isis at Philae is dedicated to Goddess Isis, Osiris, and Horus. The temple walls contain scenes from Egyptian mythology of Isis bringing Osiris back to life, giving birth to Horus, and mummifying Osiris after his death. 


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner is served.


Day 4
Adventure on The Nile River Sailing to Kom Ombo

 Day 4 Sail to Kom Ombo and visit the Temple shared by two gods Sobek and Haeroris - Sail to Edfu and

then visit Horus Temple (B,L,D)


Today we'll relax on the Nile cruise and sunbathe on deck,  as we sail to Kom Ombo. When we arrive at Kom Ombo, we'll explore the Temple and invoke magic balancing our light and our dark side. The temple is unique because it is, in fact, a double temple, dedicated to Sobek the crocodile god, and Horus the falcon-headed god. The layout combines two temples in one with each side having its own gateways and chapels. 


Sobek is associated with the wicked god Seth, the enemy of Horus. In the teachings of Horus, the allies of Seth made their escape by changing themselves into crocodiles. Sobek’s chief sanctuary was at Kom Ombo, where there were once huge numbers of crocodiles. Until recent times the Egyptian Nile was infested with these ferocious animals, who would lay on the riverbank and devour animals and humans alike. So it is not surprising that the local inhabitants went in fear.


They believed that as a totem animal, and object of worship, it would not attack them. Captive crocodiles were kept within the temple and many mummified crocodiles have been found in cemeteries, some of which can be seen in the temple sanctuary today.


We’ll explore the famous symmetrical temple, dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon god Horus before we return to the felucca and continue our journey downriver. 


We'll visit Karnak Temples and Luxor Temple, the Royal Cemetery for 62 Pharaohs, Valley of the Kings, the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon, Ptolemaic Temple dedicated to Horus at Edfu.


Temple of Sobek, dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god, and Horus, the falcon-headed god. Aswan, High Dam, and the beautiful Temple of Philae, which is devoted to the two goddesses Isis and Hathor. 


We will visit the Nile Temples, reflecting and meditating at each one, as each is a place of sacred initiation. 

Know that Isis is reaching her maternal, protective wings out to you, her beloved daughter.


She is gently pulling you back home to her, to the Motherland of Kemet (Egypt). We'll visit the temples of Hathor and Isis, as we work with the Goddesses of Love, Fertility, Beauty, and Magic, integrating the energies into our chakra systems.


As we work with the initiation, we will integrate our experience into the Heart Chakra at the Temple of the Mother Goddess, Isis, on Philae Island, where we will meditate in honor of the Goddesses and spend time at the temples enjoying the energy.