Private Tantra Yoga Session
Private Tantra Yoga Session
Private Tantra Yoga Session

Private Tantra Yoga Session

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Tantra can be described as many things… 

A path to pure Love. Oneness. 

A personal journey that introduces you to your True Self. 

A method to arouse the Kundalini Energy. 

A spiritual path of sacred sexuality & bliss. 

A path of non-judgment & inclusion.

Tantra embraces all facets of life creating balance within the individual. Using the practice of yoga as a vehicle to experience the Divine as an integral part of everyday life. Tantra yoga illuminates the path out of fear and into freedom by offering a unique experience with yourself through yoga asanas/ slow meditative movement. The study and practice of Tantra Yoga expands your awareness, balances, and open’s the chakra system and clears the mind.  


In your daily meditative practice, the continuous experience of your intuitive self will assist you in eliminating unknown causes of fear, stress, and anxiety, allowing you to live your life to its full potential.

Prana is our innate life force energy, when we balance prana it allows for inner and outer blockages to become recognized and released. Tantra Yoga’s ancient practices and āsanas balance and cleanse our prāṇa in the Tri-Dosha or Health-Balancing Series. 

The āsanas, prāṇāyāma, and meditation taught in this system allow you to effortlessly experience your true self.

Continuous practice of the Tantra balances prana flow, enhance memory, reduces stress, removes karmic attachments, and unlocks the unlimited potential housed within the human mind.

Tantra Yoga illuminates the pathway to Kāma which is (bliss) & ultimately Moksa which is (freedom).  

The body and mind harmonize naturally allowing you to feel yoga/ union with Divine Consciousness.

This is Tantra and it is so much more.I’ ve experienced it’s power when I traveled to India to study this method of yoga. I studied at Shri Kali Ashram in Goa, India. I am now a tantra yoga instructor and I teach the TriDosha Balancing Asana Series.

The TriDosha Balancing Asana Series is from the Rg Veda and is an integrative practice of the Traditional Tantra Yoga system taught at Shri Kali Ashram. 

Tantra Yoga practices are helpful to those who want to go deep within spiritually. For those who want to “Know Thy Self” and the truth of this reality at the highest levels. For those that want to transcend and know their True Self. Tantra Yoga is also a wonderful adjunct treatment for individuals dealing with grief, sadness, disconnection, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, and various other traumas. Regular practice will lead to greater health, happiness, and inner peace.  

Tantra Yoga teaches subconscious relaxation and connects you with inner wisdom. 

The postures themselves are a meditative flow leading you to your true self. With regular practice, you transform and flow within a life filled with love and absolute personal freedom.

Tantra is a beautiful and individual path to enlightenment and self-actualization. 

Tantra, Art and Mind-Body Workshops with Creative Expression, Sacred Sexuality, Discussions, Public Speaking and Self-Care workshops available upon request.

I travel anywhere on Earth. 

Flight, hotel, and seminar costs apply. 

Please request a group rate, dates, and times upon booking.