The Sacred Journey Within
The Sacred Journey Within
The Sacred Journey Within
The Sacred Journey Within
The Sacred Journey Within

The Sacred Journey Within

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Movie Synopsis

The Sacred Journey Within is an avant-garde documentary film that brings together a diverse group of people from various cultures and belief systems to participate in Mind-Body Medicine practices, Shamanic Ceremonies, Entheogens, and Rites of Passage Rituals in mystical circles across the world.

The movie follows the story of Farrah, a Mind-Body Specialist, Transpersonal Coach and entheogen researcher, who journeys with clients in shamanic ceremony to help clear emotional trauma and existential crises that have occurred throughout their lives. The SJW includes a guidebook “The Greatest Game” which gives easy to follow instructions to enter journey within. Farrah creates space for a new generation of people to awaken their inner healer releasing multigenerational trauma, pain, loss, and dis-ease while helping them to awakening to ancestral and spiritual truths, passion, ESP, and life purpose. 
As she journeys within her own psyche, she awakens to an illuminated, fractal, holographic reality of Oneness in which she discovers humanities darkest secret and most illuminating mystery. In an artful filmic dance of poetry, alchemy, quantum physics, and shamanic wisdom; her ideas are woven together as a tapestry of truth. She embarks on a quest to create opportunities for other seekers to experience the power of awakening to their own truths within and the truth of humanities greater reality. 

This film explores controversial conversations surrounding Intersectionality, Religion, and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome while weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness, and activism. 

The Sacred Journey Within offers real solutions, empowering the viewer with real-life tools they can use to heal themselves from trauma, reclaim self-love, live their purpose, and become a guide in their communities for the healing our world.
The time is now. The world is ready for us to remember who we are.  




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