CannaBliss & Hike Portland

  Re-Connection, Travel, Exploration, Hiking & Fun

October 15-19, 2023

Nature Hikes, Cannabis Tours, Meditation & Supporting Melanin Owned Business in Portland

Soul Traveling, Nourishing Friendships & Experiencing Life Together 

Cannabliss & Hike



Weekend Retreat 




4:00 pm Check-in and Relaxation 

Reservations for 16+ Available

Our Current Home is nestled on 9 acres of Mother Nature. 

This may change based on number of fam who participates this year.

The house is 3,000 sqft with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, kitchen, and living room on the main level. Downstairs is a large lounge for entertainment, 3 bedrooms & 1 bathroom.

*Participation in Cannabis and CBD is not required to come to the retreat.


6:00 pm Cannabis Dispensary Tour: Brothers Cannabis

Brothers Cannabis is Portland's original dispensary, voted Best Dispensary 3 years in a row by Willamette Week's Best of Portland in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Melanin owned, family-owned, they offer unique finds like Star Wars–themed paraphernalia and cannabis-infused cakes. The “Bud Tenders” there will explain the difference between Indica and Sativa plants and their main components THC and CBD’s. Be sure to pick some up to share for show and schmoke later tonight. ( But not too much, we visit another dispensary on Saturday.)​

8:30 Dinner at the Crib


Dinner: Local Fresh In Season Oregon Fruits and Veggies | Vegan

Dessert: Vegan Ice Cream with all the fixings!

10:00 pm Show and Schmoke

Share your herbal finds, pass the dutchie & reminisce about college days.


9:00 am -10:00 am Breakfast at home

Vegan Faire: Yogurt, Bagels, English Muffins, Oatmeal, Fruit, Smoothies, Smoothie Bowls,  
Coffee, Tea

11:30 CannaHike

Afternoon Hike we'll explore Multnomah Falls & The Icey River Gorge bridge.


Transcendental Meditation, Tree Hugging & Planetary Grid Work.

2:30 Grön Café & Tasting Room

CBD Café with hemp-infused CBD products and handcrafted espresso drinks.

3:30 Meditation & Siesta back at the spot for a little nap ministry.

6:30 Dinner 

Akadi West African Cuisine
Traditional dishes from Ghana, the Ivory Coast, and Nigeria.

Dessert Salt and Straw Portland (This place is delish…) 

9:30 Pajama Jammy Jam Slumber Party 

Cannabliss Meditate and Chakra Paint Party

Express your creativity and balance your chakras with the power of Cannabis and Creative Expression.


We Free Think | Netflix & percolate 
Share your favorite movie or documentary film on Enlightenment, Metaphysics, Sacred Medicines, Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Ancestors, The Matrix, Healing, Planetary Consciousness, Mind-Set, Space Travel, Brain Health, Property Ownership, Wealth, Money, and we’ll choose as a group and watch together while we add our commentary. The Matrix, What the Bleep Do We Know, Harry Potter, Lucy, and a few others are always on the table for me. What do you want to watch with your tribe?


Snacks: Edibles, Cannabis, Kombucha, Wine, and Popcorn. 

Drinks: Kombucha, CBD Beer & Wine


9:00 am - 10:30 pm Wake & Bake

Breakfast at home

Vegan Scramble, Potatoes, Kale, Tomatoes, Toast, OJ, In-Season Fruit, Smoothies, Cannabliss

11:00 am Cannabliss Hike & Rising Meditation at Forest Park
Forest Park is a Forest inside of Portland. Its pure magic. Bring water, a towel, snacks, and your crystals. We will engage in Planetary Grid Work together. #ascentiontribeunite

Mind-Body Medicine Activity
Transcendental Meditation
Chakra Balancing Meditation in the Forest 
Crystal Cleansing Forest Ritual

1:00 pm Green Hop - The Hip Hop Dispensary

Time for some new doja. We’ll patronize the 1st Historical Hip Hop dispensary in the world that offers an Art and Digital technology experience. And yes, they are also owned and operated by Melanin expats here in Oregon. 

2:00 Brunch

Elevated Coffee 


Brunch, Coffee, Smoothies, and Melanin Art. 

To be elevated means that you’ve risen to a higher place – above the normal level.  Elevated Coffee is a place to come together. A place where ideas, talents and opportunities are discovered each day. A place in which all people, from diverse walks of life, are invited to gather, unite and find joy and peace.  

3 - 5 pm  Wine Tasting Tour

Abbey Creek Vineyard

An Oregon Earth To Glass Winery where Bertony Faustin brings “the soil to the glass” at his North Plains winery. This family is the original owner of the vineyard and is Oregon’s first recorded Melanin winemaker.

Wine Choices

We’ll enjoy Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Rosé. You can also purchase bottles to take home and enjoy later.  

Tasting Fee: $10

Elevated Tasting: $40


Option 1: If you don’t want to tour the Melanin owned Vineyard, you can tour Portlandia like a Champ on the Sightseeing Tour. It makes 13 Stops at all the cool Portland Highlights. A one day pass is $37, and you can get on and off as you please.

Option 2: You can also get a CBD massage in a Himalayan Sea Salt Room at Zama. (must schedule in advance)

CBD Massages & CBD Facials

Halo Massage $150


Treatment in salt room

Breath vaporized salt to promote deep breathing & relaxation

Choose from Swedish, deep tissue, sports, craniosacral, or Reiki

Enjoy ambient lit salt panels on the walls and ceiling

The perfect way to get a salt treatment and massage in at the same time!

6:00 pm Dinner


Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant

Tonight we’ll enjoy exotic specialty Ethiopian vegan and vegetarian dishes from one of Portlandia’s favorite African owned restaurants.

9:00 pm Friendship Therapy Sessions 

Poetry Writing & Readings
Tarot Readings 
Goal Setting & Manifestation 
Programming Magic Crystal Talismans from The Divine Femme Boutique


9 am - 10:30 Breakfast

Pancakes and Fruit 

11:30 am Explore the Japanese Gardens 
Admission $17

1 pm Brunch & Tea Ceremony at Umami Café

Umami Café is an opportunity for us to slow down and reflect with all senses.

For centuries, green tea has been treasured throughout Asia for its healthful, restorative qualities. In Japan, Zen priests drank green tea to keep themselves awake through long hours of meditation. 

In the 16th century a man named Sen no Rikyu, influenced by the study of Zen, envisioned a path to enlightenment through the simple act of sharing a bowl of tea among friends in the pursuit of peace and harmony—a practice he called wabi-cha. For Rikyu, making tea while mindfully engaging all the senses was to have a complete Zen experience. We will share a moment of quiet joy and experience the spirit of Japanese culture through a bowl of tea.

3:30 pm Explore the Lan Su Chinese Garden & WonderlanD

Lan Su Chinese Garden is one of Portland's greatest treasures. Built by Chinese artisans from their sister city Suzhou, it's the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China. Lan Su is a creative wonder, a powerfully inspiring experience based on a 2,000-year-old Chinese tradition that melds art, architecture, design, and nature in perfect harmony. 

6:00 pm Dinner

The House of Ramen
Ramen is my newest favorite thing. At the House of Ramen, you can customize your bowl of deliciousness from the broth up by choosing a spice level from 0-5, the style of broth, picking one of three noodles, and two vegetables. It’s so good.

8 pm Cacao and Chill: The Kama Sutra 

Group Activity: Vegan Cacao & Cannabis Brownies

Adult Games + 

We'll make homemade edibles & enjoy a Cannabis-Infused wine tasting session.


9:30 Eyes wide shut

Chakra Dancing & Sacral Twerk Sessions 


Tantric Walking Massage Instruction

Tantric Conversations, Meditation & Tantric Walking Massages 


Departing Flights 

Sleep in


English Muffins, Breakfast Cereal, Oatmeal, Granola, Yogurt, Smoothies, Fruit, Tea, Coffee

11:00 am Donut Queen

The Best Melanin Donut Spot in Portlandia. Little Hood, Lotta Good. 

Noon Powells Books
Get lost in Powells. Yes, seriously, its 4 floors of books, and it's one of my favorite places in Portlandia. We’ll get lost together, wander off, set a time, and meet up for lunch to discuss our nerdy finds. 

1:30 pm Lunch at Po' Shines Cafe De La Soul

Melanin owned Soul food restaurant offering vegetarian burritos, omelets, veggie wraps, scrambles, okra, black-eyed peas, and more.

3:30 pm Afternoon at Zama Spa

FLY Out!! #rodeaplane



cOST: $1550 pER pERSON

Deposit $444

15 People Minimum to book at this rate. 

Below 15 and the rate will increase per person.


Cost $1500

Deposit $555


What to Bring

Portland is rainy, bring a jacket (in case it rains on our hikes).


Hiking Boots

Comfy Clothes

Dinner Wear

What’s Included
4 Nights & 5 Days Accommodations in Portland and meals cooked at home.

What's Not Included
Entry Fees to nature parks and gardens, Cannabis, Restaurants

Attendees will pick their roommates on arrival and share rooms Real-World style. 




hOODIE $55



You may cancel your participation at any time, but please be aware of the following cancellation policy:

It is an extraordinary commitment to bringing this one of a kind immersive experience to our guests and, therefore ALL payments are non-refundable, including registration fees, late fees, full payments, and installment payments. The ONLY exception to this policy is if the retreat must be canceled in its entirety for any reason in which case I will notify all parties via email and provide refund instructions. 


Our vendor(s) -- Home Rental, excursion companies, etc. -- require upfront commitments that we must adhere to. When we offer a package to you we have to ensure, through good-faith payments, that you will attend the events. This is the only way our vendors will take us seriously, and will want to help us provide the best experiences possible to our retreat guests.

Om Namah Shivaya Om.